foto Anna Natura Colomer Perez
PDI Associat/Da Universitari/A
Knowledge area: NURSING
Department: Nursing
Facultat d'Infermeria i Podologia Universitat de València Despatx 2.8 (2n pis). Tutories presencials amb contacte previ mitjançant correu electrònic.

Natura Colomer, RN (2002), BSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2005), MSc in Biological Anthropology (2007), BSc in Nursing (2013) and PhD from the University of Valencia (2017). She works as an associate professor assigned to the Department of Nursing since 2010. She is a member of DATS (Development and advising in traffic safety) research group that belongs to the University Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS). She has worked as a nurse, both in specialized and primary and community care (2002-2009). She belongs to the career secondary education professors at the GVA (2010), and nowadays is developing technical advisory tasks at the Conselleria d'Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport.

Subjects taught and teaching methods
First semester
Tuesday de 15:30 a 17:00. ANTIGA ESCOLA DE MAGISTERI
Second semester
Thursday de 10:30 a 12:00. FIP
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