foto Juan Carlos Colado Sanchez
PDI-Catedratic/a d'Universitat
Department: Physical and Sports Education
(9639) 83470


-Distinguished-Chaired Full professor.

-Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the University of Valencia.

-Award as a Scientific Reference in the area of "Aquatic Physical Conditioning" awarded by the Ibero-American Association of Aquatic, Special and Hydrotherapy Education.

-National Award for Sports Merit in the area of "Study and Research in the contents of Aerobics and Fitness".

-Award for Outstanding Professional Career 2022 awarded by the Illustrious Professional College of Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the Valencian Community (Spain).

-Positive qualification of 24 years of research by the Spanish Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation.

-Qualification of excellence of the teaching activity by the University of Valencia, with teaching seniority since 2001.

-According to Web Of Science, third place in Spanish scientific production regarding the topic of "resistance training" and number two in "strength training in older adults". Number one positions worldwide regarding scientific production on the topics of "strength training with elastics" and "strength training with elastic bands in older adults". Ranked number four worldwide regarding scientific production on "strength training in the aquatic medium" and on "aquatic training for health".

-Director of the Research Unit in Sports and Health. University of Valencia.

-Director of the Research Group on Prevention and Health in Physical Exercise and Sports. University of Valencia.

-Scientific reviewer in more than twenty of the most prestigious journals indexed in scientific databases.

-More than 80 published articles, of which more than 50% are published in journals of the first and second quartiles of the Journal Citation Reports.

-It should also be highlighted the direction of more than a dozen doctoral theses, the more than 200 participations in congresses and scientific meetings and the 5 awards for communications and / or posters presented to congresses, the national award of merit to applied research and the award for the best article published in a specialized journal of the area.

-Scientific and technical advisor for various international companies in the Physical-Sports and Health field.

-Regular teacher both nationally and internationally in seminars, masters and doctoral programs related to Healthy Physical Conditioning.

Subjects taught and teaching methods
First semester
Thursday de 09:30 a 12:30. DESPATX 8 FCAFE
Second semester
Thursday de 11:00 a 14:00. DESPATX 8 FCAFE
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