foto Emilia Lopez Iñesta
PDI-Prof. Permanent Laboral Ppl
Department: Mathematics Education
Departament de Didàctica de la Matemàtica Av. Tarongers, 4, 46022 València (SPAIN) Facultat de Magisteri (Campus de Tarongers) Despatx 11 3er pis

Emillia López-Iñesta has a degree in Mathematics, a Degree in science and statistical techniques, a Master in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems (extraordinary prize) and PhD in Information Technologies, Communications and Computing from the University of Valencia. Her doctoral thesis was awarded the Marc Esteva Award for Best Thesis in Artificial Intelligence in 2018, being the first woman to achieve it. Emilia López-Iñesta is an Assistant Teacher in the Department of Mathematics Teaching. She has made research stays at the Center for Research in Artificial intelligence of the University Veracruzana (Mexico) and the laboratory of Agent-based Social Simulation of the CNR (Rome).

Her research focuses on understanding mathematical problems, reading statistical graphs, computational thinking, applying artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to different contexts such as Education (Learning Analytics), Citizen Science and the so-called "Science of Science” area that includes Peer review processes. On the other hand, she investigates gender diversity in ICT and STEM to reduce the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) careers obtaining with one of her weorks the Florence Nightingale Award for the best communication with a gender perspective. She has received for her research and dissemination activities the Artificial Intelligence 2019 category Award of the Muy Jóvenes Científicas Awards, convened by the Muy Interesante magazine and the Odisea television channel.

She participates in the organization of scientific dissemination activities and projects, such as Databeersvlc (, a short talks event on applications of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and statistics in an informal setting or "La Falla Immaterial" (, a citizen science project that combines data analysis using Artificial intelligence techniques in the context of massive festivities such as Las Fallas. She is Ambassador Scientix ( in Spain, the community for the teaching of Science in Europe. She is also one of the promoters of the Girls4STEM project ( for the promotion of scientific vocations among young people, in particular girls and adolescents, with the aim of valuing and knowing the social application of careers related to STEM areas such as Engineering, Mathematics and Data Science. She also collaborates with the initiative and is a member of the node Valence of the network Biostatnet that is in charge of the project "STAT WARS: The empire from the data" (, an outreach project to bring the statistics, and their applications in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to the students of Secondary Education.

She has received recognition for his work in Scientific Dissemination for the projects DatabeersVlc, Synapsi-UV (project on neuroscience, Augmented Reality and Artificial Neural Networks) and Falla Immaterial, as well as other awards for academic and research performance (info on awards section).

She is a member of the Association of women researchers and technologists, the Catalan Association of artificial intelligence ACIA, the Spanish Society of research in mathematical education (SEIEM) and the Society of mathematical education of the Valencian Community Al-Khwarizmi (SEMCV).

Participates in national and international competitive projects, belongs to scientific committees and participates in the organization of scientific conferences (CCIA2015, PEERE2016, SOCIOCOMPLEX2016, CNSC2018, PEERE2020, JENUI2020, SEIEM2020).

On the other hand, she collaborates in training courses for teachers of Secondary and Primary Education to motivate the application of resources of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Statistics in the classroom.

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Monday de 16:00 a 17:30. DESPATX 3.11
First semester
Thursday de 17:00 a 18:30. DESPATX 3.11
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Monday de 13:00 a 14:30. DESPATX 3.11
Second semester
Thursday de 13:00 a 14:30. DESPATX 3.11
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