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Department: International Law 'Adolfo Miaja de la Muela'
Campus de los Naranjos s/n 46022 Valencia Facultad de Derecho Departamento de Derecho Internacional Despacho 3A08
(9638) 28719

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Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Valencia. He has been a visiting research fellow at the University of Georgetown, at the London School of Economics and Political Science and at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law of the University of Cambridge. His current lines of research, and the foreign Policy and common security of the European Union. Has recognized three sexenios of research and five five-year periods of teaching. Has belonged to the research team of different competitive research projects, among which it is worth mentioning: the Struggle of civilizations (Islamic State: challenges and implications for the UN, the International Community and to its Right). What an alliance of civilisations against the Islamic State? (DER2015-64205-R); The growing involvement of the EU in the international society: regionalism in theory and in practice (DER2012-38401-C02-01); The organizational structure of international terrorism: analysis of its evolution and its implications for european security (CSO2010-17849).Among his publications include the monographs , La Guerra de Af-Pakistán y el uso de la fuerza en las relaciones internacionales (2012), and Una tierra, dos Estados: Análisis jurídico-político del conflicto árabe-israelí (2011, in collaboration with Prof. Bermejo García), as well as articles published in professional journals, relating to the legal framework of the use of force, the responsibility to protect, the use of drones and deadly attacks selective operations of maintenance of peace, legal problems posed by the resort to military companies and private security in areas of conflict as well as analysis from specific conflicts.

Subjects taught and teaching methods
34994 - Degree Final projectWork end of studies
35217 - International public lawTheoretical-Practical
35320 - Final project in BMA-LawWork end of studies
35321 - External internships in BMA-LawExternal practices
40024 - The legal framework for diplomatic relationsGroup work, Others, Theory, Tutoring
40034 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
41088 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
First semester
Friday de 09:30 a 10:30. DESPACHO 3A08
First semester
Friday de 12:30 a 14:30. DESPACHO 3A08
Second semester
Friday de 11:30 a 14:30. DESPACHO 3A08
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