The University of Valencia completed the development of its first Strategic Plan between 2008 and 2011.
In the current context of deep and persistent economic crisis, which reduces the resources of the university system and at the same time forces us to rethink the relationship between universities and society in the context of social responsibility of the university; with an uncertain institutional and regulatory framework yet a settled culture of standardisation, guarantee, evaluation and certification of the quality of the activities carried out by the university system; in a context of the growing intensification of the internationalisation of higher education and research, the University of Valencia, characterised by the attachment and commitment to its territory, also pursues the universality of knowledge and science.
It is under this framework that the University of Valencia has approved its second Strategic Plan, the result of a process of reflection that has led to a new strategy which identifies the goals and priorities that will shape the action of the University for 2012-2015.