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3rd Autumn University of Buñol. Open registration

Molino Galán (Buñol)

Schedule: From 3 september 2019 to 24 september 2019. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 23:59.


Place: Molino Galán. Calle de Pelayo, 12


3rd Autumn University of Buñol. Open registration

The programme “Seasonal Universities” is back this year for the 2019-2020 course.  Sagunto, Buñol, Alaquàs, Llíria, Enguera and Ontinyent are some of the places that have been chosen for conducting the sessions of the programme, like in the previous years. In some cases, such as is the case of Ontinyent, there have already been 9 editions.

25th and 26th September 2019 (Molino Galán, Buñol)

BUÑOL: CULTURAL HERITAGE. Music for education and dissemination

The Universitat de València and the City Council of Buñol, in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Valencia work together again to organise in 2019 the 3rd edition of the Autumn University.

The Autumn University of Buñol (UOB) will be a meeting point for students, professionals, workers, researchers and residents of the town and its surroundings to enjoy music and cultural heritage. You will be able to attend for two days afternoon sessions about how to teach and disseminate music. Therefore, this event is recommended to anyone interested in popular culture and music.

The Universitat de València and the Provincial Government of Valencia are committed to the territory and the Valencian society. They have promoted this academic event which aims to teach, research and transfer knowledge in an important location for Valencian cultural heritage: La Hoya de Buñol-Chiva.

This project is free and opened to the general public and will count on the participation of specialists of the Universitat de València and local music experts.

You can register in the following link: CLICK HERE. For more information:

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  • TWITTER: @projeccioUVEG
  • FACEBOOK: Vicerectorat de Projecció Territorial i Societat – UV
  • PINTEREST: Participació i Projecció Territorial

We hope that you find the event interesting.

Yours sincerely,

Jorge Hermosilla Pla.

Vice-principal of Territorial Projection and Society

Organized by:

Vicerrectorado de Proyección Territorial y Sociedad (UV)

Diputación de Valencia

Ayuntamiento de Buñol.



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