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The students who access to the doctoral programme and do not accredit methodology training and research training  must take on complementary training. These supplements, which are modules or sets of modules of  some of the masters taught by the Faculty of Law will be determined for each student by the Academic Committee depending on the line or lines of inquiry established in the programme in which they are interested to develop their doctoral activity, reaching a minimum of 10 credits and a maximum of 20.
1.-Official Master’s Degree in Corporate Law. Commercial, Labour and Fiscal Consulting
Name of the module: Legal methodology
No. identification: 43190
Credits: 10
2.-Official Master’s Degree in Law, Business and Justice
Name of the module: Methodological module
No. identification: 42887
Credits: 12
3.-Official Master’s Degree in Law and Gender Violence
Name of the module: Sources and Methodology (I): Use of Financial Databases
No. identification: 42823
Credits: 3
b) Name of the module: Sources and Methodology (II): Basis of Research
No. identification: 42824
Credits: 3
c) Name of the module: Writing a scientific work
No. identification: 42825
Credits: 3
4.-Official Master’s Degree in in Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development
a) Name of the module: Induction to research
No. identification: 43228
Credits: 6
b) Name of the module: Human rights
No. identification: 41000
Credits: 10
5.-Official Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice
Name of the module: Historical, Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives
No. identification: 41083
Credits: 15
6.-Official Master’s Degree in Criminology and Security
a) Name of the module: Induction to criminological research
No. identification: 42582
Credits: 9
b) Name of the module: Sources of specific information, advanced database management and analysis of
identification no.: 42571
Credits: 2,5
The Academic Committee, after examination of the documents submitted by the candidate at the time of  registration, can set his/her admission conditioned to he/she take on the complementary  training in the stablished way, if the above pointed conditions are met. To this end, the fact shall be reported to the Postgraduate Service and the Office of Third Cycle to communicate to the student and to be  advertised in the usual way.
The complementary training must be taken by the students within the first three months after admission and enrolment in the doctoral programme.