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Human resources of the doctoral programme

Doctors to supervise Doctoral thesis within the Doctoral Studies in Remote Sensing

UVEG Teaching Staff
  • Amorós López, Julia Carmen
  • Camps Valls, Gustavo
  • Caselles Miralles, Vicente
  • Coll Company, César
  • Delegido Gómez, Jesús
  • Estellés Leal, Víctor
  • Esteve Martínez, Anna
  • Gandía Franco, Soledad
  • García Haro, Francisco J.
  • Gilabert Navarro, Mª Amparo
  • Gómez Amo, Jose Luis
  • Gómez Chova, Luis C.
  • Jiménez Muñoz, Juan C.
  • López Baeza, Ernesto
  • López García, María José
  • Marín Fernández, Mª José
  • Martínez Díaz, Beatriz
  • Martínez Lozano, José A.
  • Moreno Méndez, José F.
  • Niclòs Corts, Raquel
  • Pedrós Esteban, Roberto
  • Piles Guillen, María
  • Sobrino Rodríguez, José A.
  • Soria Barrés, Guillem Pau
  • Utrillas Esteban, Mª Pilar
  • Valor i Micó, Enric
  • Verrelst, Jochem
Visiting Teaching Staff
  • FRANCH GRAS, BELEN Professora. University of Maryland (USA).
  • GUANTER PALOMAR, LUIS Professor. Universidad de Berlín, Alemanya.
  • MIRA SARRIÓ, MARIA Investigadora. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • VERGER I TEN, ALEIXANDRE Investigador. Centre d'Investigació Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF). Barcelona.

Material and support resources available for doctoral students

Seminars and other educational activities in the classroom

The Department of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics has set up a classroom specially equipped with computers and specific software required for the classes of the Doctoral Studies in Remote Sensing (which it shares with the Master’s Degree in Remote Sensing) on the ground floor of Block C of the Faculty of Physics, which also has audiovisual equipment, including a projector and Internet service.

Seminars for tutorial activities

  • Seminar of the Department of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics
  • Environment Laboratories, first floor of Block C of the Faculty of Physics

The students will be able to use the classroom of the Master's Degree in Remote Sensing for writing their Master's degree final project. 

Research teams laboratories

The different research teams of the doctoral programme have specialised laboratories available equipped with scientific and computer tools to develop some of the training activities required for the doctorate.

Library and study rooms

  • Campus library, for books, journals, study rooms, group study rooms, etc.
  • Library of the Department of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics.
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