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The Thermal Remote Sensing Group started its activities in 1980, when it took part of the NASA’s HCMM project. Since then, it has been continuously dedicated to teaching and researching in Thermal Remote Sensing. It is composed of 3 Full Professors (V. Caselles, C. Coll, E. Valor), 1 Associate Professor (R. Niclòs), 1 Assistant Professor (J. M. Sánchez), 2 Juan de la Cierva fellow (M. Mira, J.M. Galve), 1 Torres Quevedo researcher (V. García), 1 Val I+D researcher  Generalitat Valenciana (C. Doña), 3 junior doctors ( I. Domenech, J. Miró, M.J. Barberá) y 2 predoc researchers (L. Pérez, J. Puchades).

The group has a wide experience in the physical processes that are involved in the surface temperature remote sensing measurement and in its environmental applications, which is supported by 15 book chapters, 125 papers published in SCI journals, 250 conference papers and 28 Doctoral Theses. The group has been funded by NASA, ESA, European Union, Spanish Government and the Generalitat Valenciana, and several agreements and contracts have been developed in collaboration with different companies and institutions (CEAM, INDRA, Repsol, Matra Marconi Space, ICGC, Vórtex, Galileo Geosystems). Its members have received various research awards, in particular the prize MUMM-Norbert Gerbier 2010 awarded by the World Meteorological Organization.