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Group Psychology of Organizational Behaviour (PsyCOR)

The research in Psychology of Work, the Organisations and Human Resources are experiencing a great development over the last decades and are addressing challenges of scientific relevance and undoubtedly practice and professional importance. Such a field of psychosocial research covers a broad spectrum of issues and subjects. The research group Psychology of the Organizational Behaviour, in a long professional researching record, focuses their research on the study of four basic aspects of this field of scientific research. On the one hand, it focused on the study of two fundamental components for people and organizations: welfare at work in its different facets and its effective performance that contributes to the results of the organization. On the other hand, and as a complementary activity of the previous one, the psychosocial factors of the occupational and organizational health are analysed. In this line of research, there is an important development in the analysis and prevention of psychosocial risks in organizations. A third line of research address the issue about the human capital in the organisations. In particular, the main issues are the labour insertion of young people, unemployment and their career development. Finally, the analysis of the collective behaviour of the work units is investigated. The study of group behaviour and the relevant psychosocial aspects are in the search of contributing to the psychosocial comprehension of the structural phenomena and the procedural work units and their results for the members, the group itself and its constituents (stakeholders).


The main purpose of the group is to promote the quality, relevant and rigorous research about the individual behaviour and collective ones in organisations. Specifically, and given the vast field of themes that exist in this field, the present group focuses its objectives on the following:

  1. To research the main aspects related to the people’s welfare in the work environment and their productivity and performance paying attention to the individual and social aspects.
  2. To research the main relevant phenomena for the analysis and prevention of psychosocial risks in the work such as work stress and the factors of positive psychology related to this issue.
  3. To research the main process of the management and development of human capital in the organisations and strategies for the development and improvement of the professional career of people, especially young people.
  4. To research the group processes that influence the design, operation and results of the units and work groups in the organisations.