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The Chair for a New Green Transition of the Universitat de València takes part in the ‘2nd Conference on Responsible and Sustainable Companies’

  • May 24th, 2023
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The Biohub of La Marina de València will host this conference on 1 and 2 June, which will address how the strategic sectors of the Valencian Community must face the challenge of sustainability.

The team of the Chair for a New Green Transition at the Universitat de València will participate as a collaborating entity in the 2nd Conference on Responsible and Sustainable Companies. An event where the main sectors that drive the Valencian economy (automotive, footwear, tourism, health and wellness, industrial and food) will meet to discuss and share sustainable practices in their organisational structures.


The programme includes multiple papers, informative videos, round tables, as well as networking and rest areas. Topics such as sustainable alternatives to the climate crisis and environmental impact, energy efficiency, the impact of sustainable tourism or how to achieve responsible people and stakeholder management in the footwear sector will be discussed.