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Master's Degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (Erasmus Mundus)

1st year

Total credits: 60 | Compulsory: 35, Optional: 25.
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44969 Cross-cutting scientific linguistic competence 5 Compulsory Check info
44970 Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics 5 Compulsory Check info
44971 Statistical mechanics and applications in simulation 5 Compulsory Check info
44974 Methods of theoretical chemistry I 5 Compulsory Check info
44975 Methods of theoretical chemistry II 5 Compulsory Check info
44972 Symmetry in atoms, molecules and solids 5 Compulsory Check info
44973 Computational techniques and numerical calculation 5 Compulsory Check info
Elective subjects 25 Optional

2nd year

Total credits: 60 | Compulsory: 42, Optional: 18.
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44984 Advanced methods in electronic structure, dynamics and molecular modelling 12 Compulsory Check info
44993 Master's final project 30 Compulsory Check info
Elective subjects 18 Optional

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44983 Computational biochemistry 5 Optional Check info
44989 From theory to implementation: tutorials in theoretical chemistry 6 Optional Check info
44977 Dynamics of chemical reactions 5 Optional Check info
44978 Excited states 5 Optional Check info
44981 Applied Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory 5 Optional Check info
44982 Lasers 5 Optional Check info
44980 Linux and management Linux 5 Optional Check info
44987 Theoretical methods for simulation of materials 6 Optional Check info
44990 Modelling electronic structure 6 Optional Check info
44991 Multiscale modelling of complex molecular systems 6 Optional Check info
44986 Multiscale, machine learning and QSAR methods applied to biomolecules 6 Optional Check info
44976 Deepening of methods of theoretical chemistry 5 Optional Check info
44988 Computational chemistry programming project 6 Optional Check info
44992 Surface and interface chemistry: experiment and modelling 6 Optional Check info
44979 Solid state 5 Optional Check info
44985 Advanced computational techniques 6 Optional Check info

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