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As general entry requirement they should be contemplated in some of the presumptions of the article 6 of the RD 99/2011 or of the second additional provision of such Royal Decree.
As specific requirement:
a) Students should have taken the Master’s Degree in Advanced Physics of the University of Valencia associated with this Doctoral Programme or any other Master’s degree
in Physics of the EHEA. Students holding a Master’s degree in engineering focused on physics, a Master’s degree in Chemistry or Mathematics of EHEA may be suitable profiles. In the event of holding the Diploma d'Estudis
Avançats (DEA-a tertiary education degree)- obtained according to the Royal Decree 778/98
– or the Research Proficiency- according to the regulations of the Royal Decree
185/85–, they must have been completed it within Doctoral Programmes related to this.
b) Also applicants who hold a qualification in
Physics, engineering focused on physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, obtained
according to foreign educational systems, without the need of its accreditation, after verification
by the university that it certifies a level of training equivalent
to the official Spanish qualification of the Master’s Degree and which confers in the issuance country
of the degree the access to doctoral studies. The affinity of
this qualifications will be determined by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme in
Physics. As a guiding criterion, it is considered appropriate studies of two cycles,
one basic and one of specialization, with a duration of
five years of University studies.
The students who fulfil the requirements will entry the
doctoral programme, and the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee
will be the responsible for verifying the compliance of the above
requirements for the admission of the applicant.