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What is pre-enrolment?

It is the admission process that gives preference, based on the admission mark, to students who are applying for a place in a degree programme. Public universities in the Valencia Community and their affiliated centres constitute one pre-enrolment district.

Therefore, each student may only submit one pre-enrolment application form.

Who can pre-enrol?

Pre-enrolment for undergraduate studies requires one of the following:

  • Bachillerato (upper secondary school certificate) and a pass in the university entrance examinations (PAU).
  • Advanced vocational training certificate as a vocational training technician, plastic arts and design technician or advanced sports technician, or equivalent.
  • Access for students over 25, 40 or 45.
  • A university degree.
  • Qualifications from an EU upper secondary school or from other countries with agreements. Access credentials are issued by UNED (National Distance Education University).
  • Qualifications from non-EU upper secondary schools which have been officially recognised and validated to the Spanish Bachillerato and a pass in the university entrance examinations.

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