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1. What is SICUE?

It is the Exchange System between Spanish University Centres. It is organized by the CRUE (Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities) and allows semester or full year student mobility in another Spanish university.

2. When is the SICUE mobility grant applied for?

The application period is usually between February and March

3. What are the awarding criteria?

The selection will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Call Rules.

45 credits must have been passed at the end of the academic year prior to the application one and be enrolled in a minimum of 30 credits in the year in which the application is submitted.

The places are awarded according to the average mark in the student’s transcript of records at the end of the year prior to the application.

4. I have been awarded a SICUE mobility post in the provisional list, what should I do now?

You must apply to the destination university. You will receive an email from the destination university with information on how to apply, paper to be attached and the deadline for submission. You can also look for this information on their website.

In parallel, you must contact the academic coordinator of your degree at the Universitat to prepare the Learning Agreement (named Acuerdo Académico at SICUE call).

5. Who is my coordinator?

There is a professor who will act as academic mobility coordinator for each degree. You can look up your degree coordinator in the List of Coordinators.

6. What destinations can I ask for in my application?

Search the Portalumne application, go to "Mobility programs in other universities" and " Mobility destinations list".

7. Do I have to submit my transcript of records along with the application?

No. The Universitat de Valencia automatically checks compliance with minimum requirements and awarding parameters.

8. Is there any financial aid for SICUE mobilities?

No. Years ago there was a scholarship named SENECA but it has not been called for years.

9. What documents must be submitted to the International Relations and Cooperation Service?

You must submit the documents indicated on our website, in the SICUE Program, in the "Useful Documents" tab.

10. What must I do to get the credits recognized in my file on my return?

A Learning Agreement must be drawn up which is a list of the courses that will be taken at the destination university and another list with the courses that will be validated at Universitat de València. It must be signed by the student and an academic coordinator of each university.

It must be prepared with a computer application that is accessed through Portalumne. Go to "Mobility programs in other universities" and "Fill up and update the Learning Agreement"

11. Is there a minimum or maximum number of credits?

The Learning Agreement must have a minimum of 24 credits for 5-month stays and 42 for 9-month stays.

For students with a disability equal to or greater than 65%, these minimums will be halved.

In those cases in which the student has less credits to finish their studies than the minimum required in each type of stay, you can opt for the exchange if you meet the rest of the requirements.

12. Can I change my stay, extend it or reduce it?

In principle, the stay must last as stated in the Bilateral Agreement, but it can be reduced or extended. The reduction or extension requires the signature of the two academic coordinators as a sign of approval in the document provided for this purpose that can be found in the webpage "Useful documents".

13. What must I do to withdraw from the SICUE programme?

To withdraw from the programme it must be notified in writing. You have a SICUE withdrawal form on our Useful Documents page. Remember that if you do not notify the withdrawal you will be penalized in future calls. You can also resign by sending an email to sicue.outgoing@uv.es from the institutional mail "username@alumni.uv.es"

14. Can I include failed courses in my Learning Agreement?

Failed courses can be included in the Learning Agreement provided that it has the approval of the academic coordinator at Universitat de València.

15. CRUE’s Frequently Asked Questions: click on this link

16. Is there an e-mail to ask questions?

Yes, write to sicue.outgoing@uv.es