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Organisation chart

Category Name Telefhone Email
Administrator Prósper Palomares, Javier 96 386 41 82 ext. 64780

STUDENT MANAGEMENT UNIT   96 35 44300 / 96 386 41 82
Head of  management unit Sanjuán Nebot, Eduardo José ext.55026 / 94121  
Administrative González Labrada, María Lourdes ext. 51123  
Administrative Martí Pascual, José Vicente ext. 55027  
Administrative Ribera Olmos, José ext. 51123  
Service Assistant- mobility- Millán Segura, Pilar ext. 64025
ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT UNIT   96 35 44300 / 51003
Head of  management unit Celda Ortega, Alejandro ext. 51003  
Administrative March Catalá, Mar ext. 51003  
DEAN OFFICE   (9638) 64181
Secretary Dean Victoria Visier, Carmen    
Trades Assistant Nando Rosales, Germán    
RECEPTION   (9638) 64182
Coordinator of Services -morning- Piqueras Cavero, César Julián    
Coordinator of Services -morning- Pérez Hernández, Juana    
Services Assistant -morning-

Llanos Lázaro, Julio Luis



Services Assistant-afternoon- Ferrer Ramírez, Elvira    
Services Assistant-afternoon- Fauli Llusar, Carmen    
PODIATRY CLINIC   (9639) 37757

 The addresses of e-mail of the University of Valencia publish  in this list with purposes exclusively academic and administrative. The fact to use them for a distinct use of these, and in particular with commercial purposes or of massive sendings of post (SPAM), will consider  contrary to the principles of the art. 4 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of the Data of Personal Character, and to his equivalents of the Managerial 95/46/CE, and will be put in knowledge of the competent authorities in matter of protection of data.