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Fernando Sapiña i Navarro awards for teaching materials in Catalan and English
Fernando Sapiña awards for teaching materials in Catalan and English

The Fernando Sapiña awards for linguistic quality in the production of teaching materials in Catalan and English submission is opened

The Vice-Principal for Studies and Language Policy announces the awards to promote the use of Catalan and English at university level.

The teaching and research staff of the University that have teaching assignments in Catalan or English in the current or next term may apply for the award from 19 January to 15 November 2021. The amount of the awards will be calculated according to the linguistic quality and volume of the material.

Further information and applications can be found at www.uv.es/llengues/premismaterials/en.


Date From 19 january 2021 to 15 november 2021. 24h. Every day.


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