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Are you interested in all aspects related to health?
Do you like particularly Chemistry and Biology?
Do you want to know all about medicines?
Are you attracted to research in this fields and at the same time to study the clinic application of the skills acquired?
Do you want to study a degree which offers an excellent employability in a great variety of jobs?

If your answer to all these questions is affirmative you have to study the Degree in Pharmacy, since it will allow you:

  • to understand how the cells work, the sections and systems of the human being, just like the basis of the disorders we suffer and how can be relieved
  • to be close to the plants and micro-organisms world as sources to obtain compounds to relieve or prevent such diseases
  • to be a specialist in drugs and medicines, both extracted from natural sources such as those obtained by synthesis, leading to a further understanding of the mechanism of their biological activity and their pharmacological and toxicological properties

The graduates in Pharmacy are the greater specialists in drugs, medicines and other health products, but also have a vast knowledge in many spheres and can collaborate with diverse professionals in the field, carrying out very important tasks.

You must know:

  • as a pharmacist  you will be the only degree holder who is able  to be in charge of the offices at Pharmacy, or even leading the hospitals pharmaceutical services (after specialisation), both in the civil and military sphere.  Graduates in Pharmacy are also the only ones that can be responsible of a medicine distribution storage or work as a pharmacist in the public administration (Pharmaceutical Inspector, Primary Health Care Pharmacist, etc.)
  • together with other specialists, you may work in the pharmaceutical industry at all levels, from the first phase to design new medicines, to the formulation to obtain the most efficient and safe medicines,  through the synthesis, pharmacologist and toxicologist evaluation,  quality control, register and marketing, etc. There’s also pharmacists in the chemical, cosmetics and nutrition industry or in biotechnology companies, etc.
  • you can lead clinical analysis laboratories or quality control laboratories, just like work in environment care, etc.
  • as in the rest of university degrees, you can choose many other career options, in public and private entities, both in the field of teaching (secondary school, university and vocational training courses) and research (universities, CSIC, business).

Why studying this Degree at the UV?

The curriculum of the Degree in Pharmacy of the UV integrates subjects taught for more than 20 areas of knowledge, from those related to the basic sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology) to more specific (pharmacology and pharmaceutical technology) through other as diverse as anatomy, biochemistry, botany, economics, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, parasitology, public health, toxicology, etc.

The Faculty, located on the campus of science, has excellent facilities, classrooms, laboratories and a library, which have the best equipment to develop a quality teaching, both theoretical and practical. All departments involved are made up of teachers who are also researchers, many of them renowned, and have the infrastructure required to accept Postgraduate Studies students and develop excellent research tasks.

As a student of Pharmacy at our university:

  • You can study in three languages: Spanish, Valencian and English.
  • as a exchange student, you can choose among 60 European faculties, with which we have signed the relevant agreements.
  • You take the Postgraduate Studies in any of the many areas in which you are trained.

The latest survey by the OPAL shows that 95.7% of graduates find a first job that is enough or closely related to the degree, and 83% of respondents found employment while they are studying or in a maximum of six months.