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The call for proposals for research collaboration has the aim of promoting the initiation in research tasks of students of Universitat de València who are finishing their Bachelor’s Degree Studies or who are studying the first year of official university Master’s Degrees at the University. To this end, grants are awarded to enable them to carry out research tasks linked to the studies they are studying, to train in research skills and to facilitate their future professional and/or research orientation.

These grants are equivalent to the previous Research Initiation Grants. As an innovation, in the 2020-2021 call, the institutes (own, interuniversity and mixed) and the Interdisciplinary Research Structure (ERI) of Universitat de València, in addition to the departments, are incorporated as areas in which collaboration can be developed.


Students of Universitat de València enrolled in the last year of their Bachelor's Degree or first year of an official university Master's Degree.

Financial endowment

Each student will receive a total and unique endowment of 1.000 euros, as a financial aid for the training programme. The actions financed by these grants must be carried out between the date of acceptance of the grant and 30 November 2021, with a dedication of 225 hours.

Deadline for submission of applications

From 10 February to 2 March 2021.


In order to obtain these grants, the following requirements, among others, must be met:

  • Not be in possession of on in legal disposition to obtain an official university degree.
  • To be enrolled in Universitat de València’s centres in the academic year 2020-2021. In the case of undergraduate students, in the totality of the subjects or credits that remain to meet the requirements to obtain the degree, and in the case of master students in the totality of subjects or credits of the first year, and for the first time.
  • Regarding bachelor’s degree students, they must have passed 180 credits by 30 September 2020, and, as minimum, have the average mark determined in the bases, according to the branch of knowledge. In the case of master’s degree students, they must have obtained a higher average mark that the specified in the rules.


Stages of the procedure and documentation

1.- Publication of the rules

2.- Aid application

3.- Awarding of grants and acceptance of applications

4.- Justification and payment of the grants

  • Once the 225 hours of dedication have been completed, Sedi will ask the departments/institutes/ERIs for certification of the fulfilment of the collaboration and the development of the activities of the Project. Once this has been received, payment will be made.
    • Deadline for completion of the 225 hours: from the date of acceptance of the grant until 30 November 2021.
    • Payment deadline: from 30 November 2021.

¿Still have doubts?

We recommend you read all the rules of the resolution of the call for these grants. Also, if you have any queries, you can write to sedi_ajudes@uv.es.