Aldaia and Algemesí host exhibitions from the Universitat de València on running and democratic memory

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society
  • May 30th, 2019

The exhibition Democratic Memory and Heritage has been inaugurated today in Aldaia (Horta Sud), where it can be visited until July 8. In Algemesí (Ribera Alta), the exhibition Valencian territory, runner territory was opened yesterday to the public who will be able to visit it until 30 June. Both itinerant collections have been organized by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society of the Universitat de València.

The exhibition Memoria Democrática y Patrimonio (1936-1939): conocer, difundir y poner en valor was inaugurated this Thursday, 30 May, at 01:00 p.m., at the Museu del Palmito d'Aldaia (MUPA). The vice-principal of Territorial Projection and Society of the Universitat de València, Jorge Hermosilla; the acting town planning councillor of Aldaia, Mónica Trujillo; the director of the branch of Caixa Popular de Aldaia, Serafín Martín; and Jorge Ramos (Department of Modern and Contemporary History, UV), author and curator of the exhibition together with Enrique Bengochea and Javier Esteve, participated in the opening ceremony.

The exhibition collection, which has been financed by Caixa Popular, is made up of 17 panels with photographs, graphics, maps, press compilations and texts. The main themes dealt with are: Valencian political posters, valència capital of the republic, bombings and shelters, the heritage of the social revolution, architecture, culture, education and blood hospitals in the context of the Spanish Civil War. Those interested can visit it in Aldaia until 8 July.

The opening ceremony of Valencian territory, runner territory was held on Wednesday 29 at the Museu de la Festa de Algemesí and was attended by the vice-principal of Territorial Projection and Society, Jorge Hermosilla; the director of the Office of Caixa Popular de Alzira, Josep Manuel Llopis; the acting councillor for Sports of the town, Pere Blanco; and the president of the Club Tortuga, Juan Ribes.  Those interested can visit the exhibition until 30 June.

The exhibition Valencian territory, runner territory consists of a diverse and scientific radiography of the current situation of running, its capacities and future challenges. In this exhibition, curated by Professor Victor Agulló, have participated 48 authors, most of them are teachers and researchers from the Universitat de València, but also sign the panels athletes, sports historians, coaches or journalists, all specialists in running. This large participation gives the exhibition a multidisciplinary and polyhedral character, which allows the running phenomenon to be tackled from a wide variety of perspectives such as health, physiology, quality of life, nutrition, injury prevention, psychology, etc.

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