Approved the offer of places of PDI, which guarantees to promote the accredited teachers, eliminate internships and duplicate the stabilization of associates

Imatge d'arxiu d'una professora.
Imatge d'arxiu d'una professora.

The Government Council of the Universitat de València has approved this Tuesday the public offer of employment of the teaching staff for the year 2019. The rector, Mavi Mestre, has indicated that the approved offer has "very singular characteristics": it guarantees the promotion to chairs and all the accredited teaching staff, eliminates the internships and doubles the places for the stabilization of the associated teaching staff. The point has been presented by the vice-rector of Faculty, Ernest Cano.

In the words of the rector, since 2011 the teaching staff has been badly affected by the policies of containment of expenditure specified in the replacement rate, which have prevented the university "from having an autonomous policy of management of its teaching staff, limiting the promotion of accredited teachers to the different contractual figures, generating an important pool of colleagues who have been delayed for a long time their promotions and increasing the temporality by forcing them to generate contracts for temporary teaching staff".

The offer now approved is 216 places, which will allow, on the one hand, the disappearance of the pool of accredited chairs and university holders, "because it guarantees promotion to all contracted teachers accredited doctor until December 31, 2018.  It is also achieved, for the first time in many years, that there are no interim figures, as it guarantees the stabilization of all the contracted faculty interim doctor and also of all the teaching assistant doctor who ends his contract before 30 September 2020.  More than half of the places on offer are devoted to stabilisation.

Another outstanding aspect is the inclusion of 16 places for the stabilisation of accredited associate teaching staff (double the offer of the previous year), extending the type of accreditation that associate teaching staff may have to be contracted as a doctor in order to take advantage of this plan and reducing the required seniority to 10 years.

Finally, it incorporates the positions of holders and chairs necessary for compliance with the ruling that annuls the 2012 call.  And it provides 16 places for incumbents and contracted doctors for areas with urgent needs due to ageing or excessive deficit.

Mavi Mestre added: "This partial reversal of the difficult situation experienced in recent years has only been possible thanks to the responsibility, generosity and open-mindedness of the teaching staff and the trade union representatives who trusted that dialogue and negotiation was the best means of achieving the objective now achieved.  And for that, I sincerely thank them for their invaluable collaboration in this process.

In conclusion, the rector acknowledged that much remains to be done "in terms of the fight against the ageing of the workforce, the reduction of temporariness, the improvement of conditions for associate lecturers and assistant doctors, among other issues". "But I am sure that, with the same principles, we will achieve significant improvements such as the one represented by the public offer of employment approved by the Government Council”.

Institutional condolences

In her initial report, the rector expressed her institutional condolences on the death of retired professor Eduardo Fayos, who held numerous responsibilities in the field of tourism, from the General Directorate of Tourism Policy of the Government of Spain and the Valencian Tourism Institute to the presidency of the Themis and Ulysses foundations, as well as various responsibilities as director of scientific journals and editorial boards.

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