The cremà of the ‘intangible falla’ will be accompanied by an audiovisual spectacle on the facade of the Palau de la Generalitat

  • March 19th, 2017
Poster of the Cremà Immaterial

The project ‘The Intangible Falla' of the School of Engineering of the Universitat de València will arrive at its zenith today, Sunday 19 March, at 20:00h with the ceremony of the virtual cremà of its falla on the facade of Torre Vella of el Palau de la Generalitat. The ceremony will be an audiovisual large format projection that will be accompanied by a sound show that the public could enjoy from the plaza de la Virgen.

This event becomes the closing ceremony of the programme of activities carried out by the Palau de la Generalitat in order to bring closer this institution to all visitors on the occasion of Fallas 2017, recently declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Furthermore, the rest of the monuments built in a collaborative way by the ‘Intangible Falla’ could be burnt ‘virtually’ from mobile devices during the San Joseph’s night. This will be the last opportunity to see the monuments, despite being intangible, by tradition.

Information of the project

‘The Intangible Falla’ is a project of citizen science that was created since the declaration of Fallas as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and lead by the School of Engineering of the Universitat de València (ETSE-UV).

The initiative gathers the tradition of Fallas, the use of social networks and the analysis of the massive data to build, in a collaborative way, the first falla in history created by an artificial intelligence.

‘The Intangible Falla’ suggests the participation of the public in general in a research activity and produces a scientific culture in society. In this case, ‘The Intangible Falla’ raises awareness about the role of the new technologies and the analysis of data in the massive events, as well as the collective image that is displayed through the social networks.

‘The Intangible Falla’ reinforces the role of the universality and collaboration, against the individuality and the competition. The activity becomes ingrained in Valencia and invites everybody, regardless the origin and language, to build falla collectively.

‘The Intangible Falla’ has no boundaries regarding the laws of physics: it is ubiquitous, anonymous, open and dynamic. Therefore, ‘The Intangible Falla’ wants to cause an evolution and a level of participation unknown until now in Fallas festivity.

The ‘Intangible Falla’ is accessible from mobile devices as well as any computer connected to Internet by its webpage ( and profile of Twitter and Facebook (@fallaimmaterial). The participants can interact with this channels by sending text messages or emoji and using their creativity and imagination. This information is used to build progressively 4 falla monuments: ‘The Great Falla’, ‘The Children’s Falla’, ‘The Ephemeral Falla’ and ‘The Falla in Valencian’.

On 19 March, the monuments from ‘The Intangible Falla’ will take its definitive shape and will also be burnt.


‘The Intangible Falla’ is a research project of the School of Engineering of the Universitat and counts with the institutional support of the Universitat de València (Cultural Centre La Nau, Language Policy Service and Chair for Scientific Dissemination); Central Board Fallera, Valencia City Council (Councillorship for Youth and Festivals), Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies, EMT Valencia and the Guild of Falleros Artists.

The project of ‘The Intangible Falla’ has gone ahead thanks to the financial funds of the following entities: Bankia, Arroz Dacsa, Destilerías Tenis, Clínicas IVI, Datomedia, Restaurante Taberna Alkázar, Grupo CAPS, NEV Coaching & Consulting, TopRun and Salsas Choví.

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