Debate about the legal and ethical framework of euthanasia in La Nau

  • November 14th, 2016
Debate about the legal and ethical framework of euthanasia

The Cultural Centre La Nau hosts on Tuesday 15 November, at 19 hours, the round table “Legal and ethical framework about the right to die with dignity”, which is in the UV Fòrum de Debats programme and means to contrast different visions about this controversial topic.

The activity, that will take place in the Seminar Rooms (3rd floor), is organized together with the Associació Dret a Morir Dignament Comunitat Valenciana (DMD) (Association Right to Die with Dignity Valencian Community) and it it will be attended by the judge and member of the Associació Jutges per la Democràcia (Association Judges for Democracy), Joaquim Bosch and by the physician and president of the Asociación Federal Derecho a Morir Dignamente (DMD) (Federal Association Right to Die with Dignity), Luis Montes. The event will be presented and chaired by the journalist Alfons Àlvarez.

The Association DMD defines itself as an “non-profit entity founded in 1984 that defends the freedom of any person to decide the moment and the way to stop living, specially when it has an irreversible impairment and an unbearable suffering. The euthanasia is legal in Europe in the Netherlands, Brussels and Luxembourg. In Spain, both euthanasia and assisted suicide are penalised by the Article 143 of the Penal Code.  

Nowadays, the topic is specially polemical and is part of public debate so it has been treated by several media. One of those with more impact is the special programme in “Salvados”, where the journalist Jordi Évole interviewed Carlos Martínez, an ALS patient who showed his difficult situation and his personal perspective on the matter.

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