Do you want to study at the UV? The pre-registration period to our bachelor’s degrees is now open


Do you have any doubts? Let’s answer them.

What do I have to do to be admitted at the UV?

The pre-registration is the admission procedure that orders the cut-off marks of the students who are asking for a place in a bachelor’s degree.

Valencian public universities and its associated centres organise their pre-registration together. Therefore, each student can only submit a single pre-registration form to the Valencian university district.

Can I pre-register?

Pre-enrolment for undergraduate studies requires one of the following requirements:

  • Bachillerato (upper secondary school certificate) and a pass in the university entrance examinations (PAU).
  • Advanced vocational training certificate as a vocational training technician, plastic arts and design technician or advanced sports technician, or equivalent.
  • Access for people over 25, 40 and 45 years old.
  • A university degree.
  • Qualifications from an EU upper secondary school or from other countries with agreements. Access credentials are issued by UNED (National Distance Education University).
  • Qualifications from non-EU upper secondary schools which have been officially recognised and validated to the Spanish Bachillerato and a pass in the university entrance examinations.

When can I do it? When are the places assigned?

This call will be resolved on 12th July 2019. The application period, depending on the condition of each student, is as follows:

  • From 17th June to 5th July 2019 (until 2 p.m.), including both days. Students who have passed the university entry examinations 2018-2019 (in the call of June and July), students who already have accessing qualifications because they passed the university entry examinations in previous years, students with UNED credentials, university graduates, advance vocational training students and people over 25, 40 and 45.  
  • 17th June to 8th July 2019 (until 2 p.m.), including both days. Students coming from different education systems of EU countries or other countries that have international applicable agreements concerning this issue (UNED credentials issued in the academic course 2018/2019), as well as EU students without access to university and non-EU upper secondary school students with validated studies to the Spanish upper secondary system who have carried out the PAU at the UNED in the previous course. Nonetheless, the applications submitted between 9th and 31st July 2019 for the students belonging to these groups will be taken into account respecting the rights of these students.

Priority of admission. Although this call is unique and it is resolved on 12th July 2019, the priorities of admission are the same. Thus, students of previous courses and those who pass the ordinary call of the PAU in June 2019 will have preference over students who pass the PAU in the extraordinary call of July 2019. The subjects of the voluntary phase passed in the extraordinary call of July 2019 do not count for the priority assignment for those students who have passed the PAU in June 2019 or previous years.

What is the proceeding?

The pre-registration in the Valencian Community is conducted online by using a form that you can find at the webpage of the Valencian Department of Education.

For the first time, this year the pre-registration is fully conducted online. It is not necessary to submit neither the application nor any document in paper.

What are the cut-off marks?

The cut-off marks are the marks of the last students admitted in each of the quotas. Cut-off marks are only illustrative and they change from one year to another.

And... What degree?  I am not sure

The degrees that are offered by the Universitat de València are very varied and comprehensive. It is designed to answer your academic concerns.

These are some keys that may help you to take a decision:

  • Compare different syllabus.
  • Revise the teaching guides of the subjects.
  • Revise the optional subjects of the degree.
  • Check the survey and the reviews of other students.






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