The enrolment for the autumn-winter courses of Botànic is now open

  • Botanical Garden
  • November 14th, 2019
Matrícula oberta per als cursos tardor-hivern del Botànic

Jardí Botànic of Universitat de València opens the enrolment of the programmed courses of autumn-winter. The proposals for this season range from courses where we will know the aromatic and medicinal plants, vineyards and wines from our territory, and also mushrooms, to start us into gardening and plants drawing. The wide offer starts this November and keeps until February of the next year. The courses are a way to contribute to the knowledge of nature that surrounds us so that all interested people can approach the world of plants.

It starts with the aromatic and medicinal plants course. Rosemary, sage, fennel, bay... a plant world joined to our culture and the participants will learn to cultivate and use in various applications. Also on November it starts two more proposals: a course about Valencian wines tasting, with tips for pairing, and other to learn to identify and gather mushrooms, with an excursion to the countryside for practicing the acquired knowledge.

As other years, on the occasion of Christmas gift cards will be sold for those people who are interested in giving to relatives and friends the courses that will be done in the first trimester of the year.

On January 2020 continue the courses with two more initiatives: natural pharmacy, to know some qualities and applications of certain plants that we all have at our fingertips, and cactus drawing, to learn to draw these interesting plants.

On February there will be a new opportunity of completing the wine training with a course about vineyards and Valencian wines, as well as initiating in gardening to boast about plants. The proposal that closes the season will be the course of culinary plants, where any can learn about creating new plates with vegetable ingredients.


Plantas aromáticas y medicinales (Aromatic and medicinal plants). 19 November - 3 December

Learn to cultivate them and their uses and applications.

De la planta a la copa, caves valencianos. (From the plant to the glass, Valencian cava). 22 and 23 November 
Taste and know our sparkling wines and pairing with cheeses.

Identificación y recolección de setas (Identification and gathering of mushrooms). 29 and 30 November
Pratice the Mediterranean mycology.

Farmacia natural (Natural pharmacy). 14- 28 January   
Cultivate and gather beneficial herbs for health.

Ilustracactus (Drawing cactus). 25 January
Draw our succulent with colouring pencils.

De la planta a la copa, viñas y vinos valencianos. (From the plant to the glass, vineyards and Valencian wines). 1 and 8 February
Discover our botanical and organoleptic characteristics.

Iniciación a la jardinería (Introduction to gardening). 11 - 26 February
Boast of healthy and beautiful plants.

 Plantas culinarias (Culinary plants). 22 and 29 February
Create new plates with vegetable ingredients.


More information and enrolment at:

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