Javier Plaza, in the group of experts of the Government of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Javier Plaza.
Javier Plaza.

The secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, José María Lassalle, presented this morning the constitution of a committee of wise men to address the social, legal and ethical implications of the use of Artificial Intelligence and the Big Data in our companies, administrations and society in general.

The Group is initially formed by nine members, recognized experts in the field and from different areas of society, with special emphasis on the necessary multidisciplinary composition of this Group. The members are Elena Alfaro (BBVA), Elena Gil (Telefónica), Asunción Gómez (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Lorena Jaume-Palasi (University of Berlin and Algorithm Watch), Miguel Luengo-Oroz (United Nations, UN Global Pulse), Nuria Oliver (Vodafone Institute and Data Pop Alliance), Andrés Pedreño (University of Alicante), Javier Plaza Penadés (professor of Civil Law and vice Dean of the University of Valencia) and Eduardo Vázquez de Castro (UIMP).

The appointed experts have the mission to guide the work for the elaboration of a WHITE PAPER on Artificial Intelligence. This document will have a development period of about six months, and should include a general analysis on the social, ethical, legal and social implications of the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in our Public Administrations and companies, with special attention to their repercussions social, ethical, legal and cultural rights on the whole of citizenship.

The document should provide guiding principles on the adequate and ethical use of this technology, with the aim of generating trust in the citizenry. It should make recommendations on the limitations of its use and propose initiatives in the educational and economic field to improve the preparation of our society and our ecosystems in the face of this challenge.

Based on the conclusions of the White Paper, the Government plans to carry out two initiatives to favor this generation of confidence in the use of data. In collaboration with the corresponding ministerial departments, the elaboration of an Ethical Code on the use of Data in Public Administrations will be promoted. It will also promote the development of a Code of Good Practices for companies in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data, listening to the contributions of the sector.

Javier Plaza, Director and founder of the Aranzadi Journal of Law and New Technologies, and principal investigator of several national and community excellence groups, as a specialist in intellectual property, contracting, civil liability and personal data, will be responsible for legal and legal issues , oriented to the promotion, transparency and implementation of the protection of algorithms, products and services related to artificial intelligence and other aspects related to the digital economy and the mining or exploitation of data, both open and personal.

These initiatives are framed in the future Digital Strategy for a Smart Spain 2025, which the Government is developing and which has recently been exposed to public consultation. The first pillar of this Strategy deals with the Economy and Data Society, which includes both the constitution of the Group, the conclusions and proposals of the White Paper and the design of the Codes for both the Administrations and the private sector, without detriment to other proposals that arise as a result of the current works.

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