The AVL and the Universitat organise an international congress and an exhibition about San Vicente Ferrer


The Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL) (Valencia Academy of the Language), in collaboration with the Universitat de València, will open on Wednesday 16th October the International Congress “San Vicente Ferrer, European projection of a Valencian saint”. It has the purpose of going deep in the leading figure of Writer of the Year of 2019 and it will have the presence of renowned researchers of this religious personality and its work. In addition, the congress will hold an exhibition divided in two places: the Valencian Cathedral and sala Duc de Calàbria of the Historic Library of the Universitat de València, in Centre Cultura La Nau, entitled: “Vicente Ferrer, un predicador del otoño medieval” (Vicente Ferrer, a preacher of the medieval autumn).

The congress will start on Wednesday 16th October, at 11:30 a.m., in the chapel of the Santo Cáliz of the Valencian Cathedral with the attendance of institutional, ecclesiastic, cultural, university and academic representation.

The morning’s session will end with the opening of the exhibition in the Valencian Cathedral. Here will be shown bibliographic material such as the manuscripts of Vicentian sermons in Valencian language that are kept by the Valencian Cathedral Archive – the richest collection known —; the manuscript volume with the translation into Spanish of sermons that belongs to Saint Juan de Ribera, kept by Real Colegio and Seminario del Corpus Christi of Valencia; the collection of sermons kept in the parish church of Ayora; paintings and one of the two bibles of San Vicente Ferrer.

In the Sala Duc de Calàbria of Centre Cultural La Nau will be showed the second of the preacher’s bibles, with the manuscript of the session of Compromiso de Caspe’s diaries, the canonization process, books with miracles and centenary celebrations, among other works of the saint kept by the Universitat de València.  The exhibition will be opened on Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and it could be visited until January 19th. The selected bibliographical material tries, as the professor Francisco Gimeno explains, exhibition’s commissioner, to find the different aspects that characterized the life of Vicente Ferrer, unique personality in the transition of 14th to 15th Century.

The Congress, which will be until Friday October 18th in Aula Magna of La Nau, will let us know profusely the religious disposition through the participation of great Vicentian work’s experts, such as Alfonso Esponera, Carlo Delcorno, Luciano Cinelli, Tomás Martínez Romero, Franco Morenzoni, Maria Anne Polo, Pedro Cátedra, Sophie Delmas, Maria Montesano, Paul-Bernard Hodel and Gian Luca Potestà, also the academic people  Antoni  Ferrando, Jordi Colomina and Albert Hauf, who will give the closing conference.

“Vicente Ferrer, six centuries after his existence, today still as universal personality. The Saint marked a clear influence not only in the religious field as preacher, but also in the political and ecclesiastic field of his era. His word did not leave anyone indifferent, nor did his sermons and miracles, which get to our time converted in popular tradition in so many cases”, has declared the Honoured Academic Ros, president of Comisi&Host: oacute;n of the Writer of the Year 2019 San Vicente Ferrer.

Finally, the president of Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua, Ramon Ferrer, has seemed satisfied for the close institutional collaboration with Universitat de València to be a success the realization of the International Congress  “San Vicente Ferrer, European projection of a Valencian saint”, as well as the good will of the Valencian ecclesiastic hierarchy for opening the Valencian Cathedral and holding the opening session in the Santo Cáliz Chapel, which will have the presence of a hundred people among delegates and guests.

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