La Nau hosts the presentation of a book about the figure of Ovidi Montllor

  • January 13rd, 2017
La Nau acull la presentació d’un llibre sobre la figura d’Ovidi Montllor

Debate Forum of the Office of the Vice-principal for Culture begins the programming for this year with the presentation of the book ‘Ovidi Montllor. La paraula tendra i compromesa’ (1942-1995)’ (Ed. Saó). The book presentation will take place on Monday 16 January, in the Cultural Centre La Nau and it will have the interventions of the editor Emili J. Marín and the musicians Paco Muñoz and Rafa Xambó, who also take part in the book.

The book is divided in three parts. The first one takes place in Alcoi so it is the village where Ovidi was born and even though he was “an atypical citizen from Alcoi”, according to the prologue by Emili J. Marín as long as there were some traditions such as Moros y Cristianos that he did not share, some situations as well as characters from Alcoi had a presence in Ovidi’s songs.

The second part of the book is about the character: his childhood, his family, his departure to Barcelona, the women in his life, his involvement in theatre or cinema beyond music, his recitals in the Olympia of Paris, and the disease that put an end to his life. Moreover, his songs are analysed, there are reflexions on his poetry...

The third part of the books seeks to define the aspect that has better defined Ovidi, the song and tries to explain his presence in the current Nova Cançó valenciana (artistic movement that promoted Catalan music) through the texts of the writer and journalist Isabel-Clara Simó, the musician and sociologist Rafa Xambó, the singer Vicent Torrent and the editor himself.

Edited by Emili J. Marín, the book includes texts of the musicians Paco Muñoz and Toti Soler, as Ovidi’s friends, the writer Alfons Cervera, the film critic José Luís Barrera and María Ricós.

In honour of Ovidi, it concludes with an appendix of the artistic works developed by the singer (discography, cinema, television, theatre, books, poetry readings...), the chronology of his life and an addendum of the photographs of his life.

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