New cookie policy of the University of Valencia and its Foundations

  • Office of the Principal
  • July 8th, 2020

Cookies are files that the provider of an Internet site installs on users' computers when they access said web space, in order to facilitate navigation or transactions and, above all, in order to obtain information on the behavior and preference of users in accessing and searching for the information offered or the different sections and services offered on website.

The Sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union of October 1, 2019, in case C 673/17, established that the consent to be able to install cookies should be identical to that established by the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union), that is, unequivocal and informed consent, without being able to obtain it tacitly, with sentences such as "by browsing and entering the web, it is understood that you accept cookie policies". It’s also not valid to obtain such consent through a system pre-marked by default, and that the user must uncheck if he does not wish to grant his consent, as explained by the professor of the Faculty of Law and delegate of Data Protection of the UV, Javier Plaza.

For this reason, the Valencia University and its Foundations, such as the General Foundation, the ADEIT Foundation or the Lluis Alcanys Foundation, together with the “Parc Cientific”, have adapted their websites and their cookie policies to this new legal framework, which is why their modern websites. They are now adjusted to a policy of installing cookies that is more respectful of the information society, privacy and data protection regulations.

In the case of the University of Valencia, this legal and technical ammendment has been possible thanks to the initiative and availability of the Vice-rector for Strategy, Quality and Information Technologies, Joaquín Aldás, and the professional work of the Web and Marketing Unit, of the Computer Service and the Delegation of Data Protection.

With this cookie policy reform, the University of Valencia and its Foundations are at the forefront of regulatory protection in the area of ​​privacy and the information society, being one of the first Spanish and European universities to undertake and lead this reform, thus placing its websites among the most advanced from a technological and legal point of view.