New methods for the identification of new gems, now in the Diploma in Gemology

  • Fundació Universitat-Empresa
  • September 29th, 2017

"There has been a significant increase in the number of gem adulteration treatments that can be considered very fraudulent if they are marketed as if they were high quality natural. In addition, many less traditional gems have appeared in the market, some have been created by modern synthesis and artificial gems have been introduced, nonexistent in nature and of great beauty ", says Luis Ochando, professor of the department of Physics of the Universitat de València and director of the Diploma of Specialization in Gemology. It is for this reason that this title becomes the means to know the new treatments of gems that have arisen as well as the sophistication of the methods of synthesis of these.

"The jeweler needs to be formed to give an image of rigor and confidence and, in addition, the new gemological materials used require personnel with extensive technical knowledge and experience," says Ochando. Therefore, professionals in the industry should know the chemical-physical basis of the property that is intended to measure, know how to use the instruments and devices used to measure them, as well as know the market for diamonds and other gems, notions offered this diploma This will be how the gemologist can recognize, classify, certify and value any precious stone. "During these last years the consumer is documented before buying so he demands gems less known and with qualities that can only be determined by a gemologist", says Ochando.

Through this title, students perform about 50% of practical classes with both carved and raw specimens. "Initially the practices are done in order to familiarize themselves with the use of the different techniques of gemological identification - the different properties and the use of the respective gemological instruments -, and then carry out full diagnostic practices", says Ochando. The students, after analyzing the specimens, are able to detail the characteristics of each specimen that analyzes: type of mineral, variety, nature and if there is any kind of treatment or adulteration.

From the direction of the course they indicate that it is directed to any professional related to the sector of the jewelry or fans to the mineralogy and the gems. Manufacturers, retail jewelers, goldsmiths, setters, jewelry appraisers, Montes de Piedad, commercial diamonds and / or gems, jewelry sales, antique dealers, gemological laboratories, appraisers, legal experts, among others.