Sailing, canoeing and windsurfing: water enjoyable activities for summer

Campeonato de España de Vela.
Campeonato de España de Vela.

Exercise, stay fit and have fun. This is the objective pursued by the majority of students who register at aquatic activities offered by the Physical Education and Sports Service of the Universitat de València (SEFUV) during all year, but especially, when the heat comes. It is appealing because, in addition to favouring physical activity, they are proposals that are practiced in groups, de-stress and become new and refreshing experiences.

Sailing, canoeing and windsurfing are the three sports that make up the aquatic offer for this summer. In some way, they complete the course that took place between October and May. All three disciplines have classes for all levels from the beginning.

It is about courses for the university community as well as for the society in general through the sport card. For the registration, only it must enter in the web site of the SEFUV ( and access to Self-registration.  In all cases, the student only has to bring the appropriate sports clothing for each sport, the rest of the equipment is provided from the courses.

Juan Calvo is the professor of the Sailing School of the Universitat de València, and has made his debut this year with such acceptance that he has had to extend the activity until June. “Many people wanted to continue, so we have open the School also in summer”, explains. Classes are given on Thursdays, form 14:30 to 17:30, in the Local Sailing School, located in La Marina of València of the harbour. There are 20 places available.

“In the School we find different levels: people who already know to navigate alone and who navigate in collective boats”, says Juan Calvo, who highlights the “team work” of the crew, always is necessary to learn more. “We come here to learn and enjoy the sea, a resource that we have next to us and that we barely exploit. We know the wind, how it changes and what we can do with the boat when it turns, which will then give us autonomy to go to the beach and sail with a catamaran, for example”, explains. After all, it is all about enjoyment, isn't it? And if it is in the summer, better.

The Universitat de València has, moreover, a sailing team that compete in different university championships: regional (CADU), national (CEU) and in 2018 has been organizing headquarters for second year of the Spanish University Championship that took place in the Real Club Náutico de Calpe on May.

To the Perelló, by canoe
Canoeing is other aquatic sport that offers the SEFUV during the year since twenty for the last two decades. This summer the course will be open the three first Fridays of June, from 18 to 19:30h, and it will be developed between the beaches of Perellonet and Perelló. “We meet at the Perellonet nautical base and from there we move between the two beaches making trips," explains the professor, Jorge Bermell.

In the level of initiation to the canoe, students learn basic techniques to navigate: forward and backward movements, lateral and circular, and above all to maintain balance. “Knowing that, they can navigate in kayak”, claims Bermell, to whom canoeing is one of most attractive sports for its “richness of movements, the autonomy that the canoe offers, finding the right balance, the muscle tone required for the activity, the natural environment in which it is practiced - which, although it is an aquatic activity, does not necessarily make you wet - and sharing the fun and achievements in a group.”

Last Sunday of July, professors and students assist as volunteers to the traditional swimming trip of the port of Valencia to help swimmers with their kayaks.

Windsurf and how to control the sail in the water
The third of aquatic activities for this summer is windsurf, given by the surfer César García at the El Saler beach. It will be in July, in two turnovers: Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday and Thursday, in a start timetable of 18 to 19h. Students can personalise the timetable with the professor.

Windsurf is other of the big options to escape the routine and stress of the city and the office, although it is also true that it is not one of the easiest sports. Practising windsurf “is difficult”, recognises César García, although the course always teaches basic aspects that allow students to enter the water: “The first day we train the sail control out of the water; the second, we realise balance with the board in the water; and then, by groups, they learn to move on the surface of the board to begin to control the sail; and so be able to navigate”.

At the end, they manage to go back and forth on their own on the board, and even end up carrying out some manoeuvres, such as tacking (turning the sail around the rear) or gybing in the case of the most skilful (turning the sail around in front).

Easier or more difficult, the practice of any of these three sports is always a privilege that, through the SEFUV, are available to all people, university or not, during all year and, of course, also in summer.


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