Twenty-five children participate in the tenth edition of Estalamat, the stimulus project of mathematical talent

  • October 11st, 2016

The Charles Darwin salon of the Burjassot-Paterna Campus of the UV has hosted the opening of the Estalmat in the Valencian Community this week end, a stimulus project of mathematical talent for children with special abilities in mathematics. During two years, Estalmat develops ludic mathematical and extracurricular activities that take place on Saturdays.

This year the tenth edition takes place, and twenty-five children from the Valencian Community born in 2003 or in 2004 have been selected. As usual, the course had effectively started with a camp celebrated in the city of Requena during the 30 September and the 1 October, sponsored by the town council.

The opening ceremony was headed by Rafael Crespo, vice-principal of Postgraduate Courses of the UV and coordinator of the programme, who had a seat in the authorities table with Pedro Sigler Vizcaíno, manager of the Training Service for teachers of the Valencian Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport; Onofre Monzó, president of the Society of Maths professors, Al Khwarizmi; and Juan Luis Costa, president of the Association of family members and friends of Estalmat (ASFAMES).

First year and second year students together with their families and professors of the project attended the event. This year is scheduled to continue the “biennial veterans’ programme” for graduate students and they will be in total a hundred students.

In the parliaments, the participants encouraged those selected so that, with efforts and high capacity, they profit the favourable aspects of a project sponsored by the Royal Academy of Sciences and that has presence in ten headquarters in Spain in which university professors as well as secondary school teachers participate.

The CSIC supports the project organising an annual tour to some of its excellence centres in the Valencian Community.

The opening conference, on an informative nature, was carried out by professor Luisa Cuadrado Sáez with the title “Once upon a time a problem.”
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