The Universitat celebrates on Thursday the World Philosophy Day inviting people to read at the faculty

Facultat de Filosofia i Ciències de l'Educació
Facultat de Filosofia i Ciències de l'Educació

The Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences and the Department of Philosophy have programmed activities to commemorate the World Philosophy Day, declared by UNESCO in 2005, the third Thursday of November and this year it’s on 21. The faculty has scheduled at the hall a reading of philosophic texts. This will be among 5.00 and 9.00 p.m. and it is for all people that wanted to choose and read a text.

So, in addition to the university and academic world exchanges, they work for the approach of philosophy to the general public.

The World Philosophy Day celebrates the importance of the philosophic thinking and encourage people across the world to share their philosophic heritage each other.

Despite the fact that UNESCO started to celebrate this day in 2002, it wasn’t until 2005 when they declared its commemoration officially the third Thursday of November.

The main aims of World Philosophy Day are renewing the regional, subregional and international commitment in support of Philosophy; encouraging the analysis, the research and the philosophic studies about the major contemporary problems to answer better to the challenges that face the humankind nowadays; raising awareness of the public opinion about the importance of the philosophy and its critical approach in the elections that raises to many societies the effects of the globalisation or the incorporation to modernity; taking stock of the teaching situation of the philosophy across the world, emphasizing particularly in the access difficulties; and highlighting the importance of the generalization of the philosophic teaching for the future generations.

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