The Universitat de València will have a budget of €387 million for 2020, an increase of 3.99%

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  • December 18th, 2019
Office of the Principal.
Office of the Principal.

The Governing Council of the Universitat de València (Tuesday 17th) has approved the draft 2020 budget of the institution, which stands at 387 million euros. The document has been presented by the General Manager, Juan Vicente Climent, and will now have to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The budget meets the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt of the state and autonomous Valencian regulations.

Thus, the budget presents an increase of 3.99% compared to 2019, with 2.08% coming from enrolment, patronage and income from research and the provision of services. The increase incorporates the subsidy from the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) for increased remuneration, improved working conditions (€10.6 million), compensation for reduced university fees (€6.9 million), financing of the collective bargaining agreement for labour (€3.2 million) and costs transfer arising from state and regional regulations (CNEA for 3.2 million under the 6.4 million pledged by the Generalitat for 2020).

With this, this increase is much lower than last year's (which was 5.95%) and during the draft budget presentation the uncertainty in the absence of the draft Spanish State Budget due to the delay in the formation of the Spanish Government was highlighted. The absence of a multi-year funding plan for public universities by the Generalitat Valenciana and the restrictions imposed by the legislation still in force on budgetary matters have also been criticised. In this sense, the Principal Mavi Mestre, has expressed the need to have a public university financing model that allows for the establishment of budget planning horizons.

Main expenditure areas

66.69% of the expenditure is for staff costs and 16.44% for operating costs. In addition, the own investment programme is reduced to 9.5 million euros. A decrease of 6.62% in actual investments is planned, but this reduction, according to management, will not affect the maintenance and improvements planned for 2020.

Main revenue areas

There is a trend, since 2012, to the decline of the subsidy of the Generalitat Valenciana, so that the current transfer (nominative subsidy) of the Generalitat has increased from 75.69% in 2012 to 66.02% in 2020. The total contribution of the Generalitat Valenciana to the university budget is 68.87% of income. On the other hand, fees and service provision make up 19.38% of UV revenues.

The Principal has noted that the Universitat keeps being under-funded. She has demanded a new financing plan for Valencia's public universities.

Collective Agreement

Shortly before the start of the Governing Council reunion, the Principal met with representatives of several trade unions at the Universitat and expressed the willingness and commitment of the academic institution to sign the collective agreement of the Valencian public universities. Furthermore, the Principal has insisted that this commitment reaches all public universities. Mavi Mestre, however, has pointed out that the signing of this agreement must take place with sufficient and necessary legal security for both the institution and its workers. This is why she has requested the Generalitat the document authorising the payment of the agreements deriving from this signing.

Docentia Programme

The Governing Council has also approved the Teaching Assessment Model. Docentia Programme (MADP) and the UV regulations for the evaluation procedure of the teaching activity of the teaching staff.

On the other hand, it has been approved that the Faculty of Psychology will now be called the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy.

Collaboration Agreement

The Universitat has approved the signing of several agreements with Valencian entities and institutions such as the Committee of Entities Representing Persons with Disabilities of the Valencian Community CERMI CV; the Federació Coordinadora de Muixerangues; with the La Salle University Corporation of Colombia; with the Instituto de Estudio e Investigación Jurídica of Nicaragua; the University of Havana, the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (Ecuador); the ONGD Valencian Coordinator; with the Institución Universitaria Pascual Bravo of Colombia; Universidad Santiago de Cali in Colombia; the Universidad de Sao Judas Tadeu of Brazil; the Universidad Abierta Interamericana of Argentina; with the Valencian Department of Territorial, Civil Engineering and Mobility Policies for training practices for university students.  In addition, it has been agreed to renew the agreement with the University of North Florida.

The Governing Council has agreed on the creation of the Interdisciplinary UNESCO Chair Studies for Peace, Intercultural Education and Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean; and the Chair for Youth Policies together with the Institut Valencià de la Joventut.

In Tuesday's session, it was also approved to extend the Triennial Plan of progression in the horizontal career system 2017 - 2019 until March 31st, 2020.

Institutional condolence

As traditionally, during her report the Principal has announced the deaths of members of the university community. This December, the Professor of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Álvaro López García passed away. He was also Director of the Astronomic Observatory of the Universitat.


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