The Universitat de València will offer more than twenty activities at the #PrimaveraEducativa

  • May 11st, 2016

The Universitat de València will take part in more than twenty activities at the #PrimaveraEducativa, the education celebration that is taking place the days 13, 14 and 15 May at the former course of the river Túria. More than 160 members of the Universitat will show the education proposals that offers the academic institution adapted to children and families. The Universitat will be in a unique space and it can be followed at social networks with the hashtag #EstemUV.

This initiative, organised by the Valencian Department of Education, expects to gather a huge number of school centres and to bring the education proposals closer to the education proposals that they offer. The Universitat de València will have a stand of four hundred square metres located next to the ‘Puente de la Exposición’. The Office of the Vice-Principal for Studies and Language Policy, through the SeDi Information and Promotion Service, has been responsible for co-ordinating the programme that includes all the knowledge areas that are taught at the academic institution.

The wide range of activities that are presented is suitable for everyone, although it is specially adapted for children and their families. There will be a fun photocall with academic clothing, games for children, workshops, showings and experiments and other actions related to health, technology, environment or equality. This institution has already previous experience such as Expociència.

The SeDi has printed an informative brochure with the activities that will be offered, a brief explanation of each of them, and the date and hour of the celebration. The proposals are summed up in games for children and young people and workshops about plats aroma, the usage of voice at school, sign language, postural habits, how to have a healthy diet, a healthy life, podiatric and dental health, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the observation of the sun with telescopes, the experimentation with optical illusions, chemical and physical showings and experiments, football robots, the ecological footprint that we leave, a mathematic gymkhana, a concert with ‘dolçaines’ and percussion, a photographic exhibition and an adapted sport show. The whole programme can be checked at

With the motto ‘Un río de educación valenciana’ (‘A river of Valencian education’) the former course of the river Túria of the city of Valencia will also have exhibitions with students works and all kind of experiences that are aimed to show the quality of education at the Valencian educational system.