The Universitat the València will be the head office of the Summer School on Bayesian Statistics


The Faculty of Mathematics will be the Head office of the Summer International School on Bayesian Statistics from 16th to 20th July. It is an international school organised by the group of research in Bayesian Inference (VABAR, of the Universitat de València, which is led by the professor Carmen Armero. The Valencia International Bayesian Analysis Summer School (VIBASS) offers students to study the Bayesian Interference. No previous knowledge in this field is needed to apply for the course.

The first practical use of Bayesian Statistics can be found in the Second World War, when the famous mathematician Alan Turing used it to decode the Enigma Code, which was used by the Germans to send instructions to their Northern Atlantic Fleet of submarines. These days, Bayesian Statistics has become a useful and necessary tool to analyse uncertain phenomena and data. For instance, the United States Navy used Bayesian algorithms to search the flight Air France 447 in the Atlantic in 2009; Google used Bayes’ rule for programming the automatic decision-making system for its autonomous car; Microsoft took advantage of Bayesian filters to detect spam; NASA used Bayesian methods to assess risks and Archaeology used Bayes’ paradigm to date archaeological remains.

The Summer School is organised in three different phases during 5 days.  First, a basic course on Bayesian learning (12 hours) will be taught during the first 2 days. It consists in a series of conceptual sessions on the morning and practical sessions on the afternoon.  The professors of this part of the course are members of VABAR. They come from the Universitat de València, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha and Le Cirad (France).

The second part of the School has a specialized nature and will take place on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19. This year’s course is called Bayesian modelling with BayesX and will address advanced regression models in BayesX and bamlss libraries of R environment. This 12 hour course will be imparted by Nadja Klein (fellow researcher of Humbolt Foundation and member of the University of Melbourne) and Nikolaus Umlauf (adjunct professor of Statistics in the University of Innsbruck, Austria). They are prestigious specialists in statistics and econometric methods for the Bayesian treatment of complex and co-author data of the library BayesX.

On the last day, Friday 20th July, the second workshop VIBASS will be carried out. It includes two plenary sessions in charge of renowned international specialists in Bayesian Statistics. In addition, there are some personalities attending to the event, such as Paloma Botella, of the Valencian Department for Health of the Valencian Government; and the Scottish bio-mathematician and statistician Luigi Spezia.

You can consult all the information here.

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