The Universitat will host a seminar on reenactment on Wednesday and Thursday

  • Press Office
  • February 20th, 2019
Faculty of Geography and History
Faculty of Geography and History

The Faculty of Geography and History will host on the 20th and 21st the seminar ‘La història al nostre costat: recreació històrica a debat’. In this open format activity, students, teachers and representatives of reenactment societies will analyse the characteristics, possibilities and problems of reenacting historic events. In addition, historic reenactment groups will exhibit their work and carry out workshops and shows at the faculty hall. This way, they will revive many different historic periods, like the Antiquity with the Iberian and Romans, the Middle Ages or the Early and Late Modern Periods.

With a long tradition in Anglo-Saxon culture, reenacment has had an unprecedented development in Spain over the last years. Many new initiatives, associations and projects of diverse nature and purposes have been created because of its significance as an educational tool and as a tourism resource and its huge economic repercussion and controversial cultural role as a means of cultural dissemination.

The Faculty of Geography and History of the Universitat, in collaboration with the office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and other institutions, have organised this seminar to address this booming social activity whose only purpose is to reenact historic events.

The seminar and the possibility to take part in it are open to everyone and the faculty will offer a certificate of attendance to the talks to those who apply previously.

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