The University has been present in 70 Valencian towns throughout the year 2016

  • February 7th, 2017
UV present 70 municipis valencians durant l'any 2016

Over the past year, 227 activities in the Valencian territory have been organised and brought together a 10,000 people. Conferences, sessions, exhibitions, programmes and other activities carried out have in common the territory and its analysis, disclosure and revitalization.

Throughout 2016, the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, by management works of his Support Unit, has carried out 227 activities in towns such as programmes, sessions, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, lectures, publications and other contributions. This replays to the transverse nature of the Office of the Vice-Principal. In this Office, the multidisciplinary nature is highly common. The collaboration of the teaching and research staff of more than 60 departments of the UV confirms this fact. It has been issued more than 10,000 certificates to the attendees enrolled in such training actions.

In the previous year, ‘UNISOCIETAT’ Programme, a training initiative addressed to people of more than 30 years, has reached an enrolment of 1,500 students.  During the 2016/17 academic year, this programme has been present in 10 headquarters: Alzira, Benetússer, Cullera, L'Eliana, Massamagrell, Ontinyent, Paterna, Quart de Poblet, Requena y Gandia (where the programme is named UniMajors). In the time frame of this programme, around 200 teachers and researchers of the University has taught courses and monthly conferences.

‘Erasmus at the Territory’ is another programme of this kind, organised by the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-Principal for International Relations and Cooperation. This is a programme of guided town routes, which has the aim of transferring the relevance of the Valencian cultural and natural heritage to foreign students -Erasmus and International programme- who stays in the Universitat de València. In the 2015/2016 edition, some excursions were organised in Xàtiva, Requena, Ayora-Cofrentes, Gandia, Llíria, Sagunt, Bocairent, Terres dels Alforins, Cortes de Pallás, Alpuente-Chelva and Albufera.

The Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation organised 9 itinerant exhibitions last year. Those exhibitions displays the work of 92 experts, who have been in 49 towns in the area of influence of the University.  Among internal production samples, it can be found some with the most territorial nature called ‘The Universitat de València and its regional environments’, especially the ones related to la Safor and la Ribera del Júcar. Furthermore, some exhibitions have been organised in collaboration with institutions such as ‘Valencian valuable and appreciated touristic landscapes’ (Valencian Tourist Agency) or ‘Valencian Territorial Resources’ (Valencian Provincial Council). Likewise, it is highlighted the close collaboration with Valencian organisations such as Caixa Popular and Caixa d’Ontinyent, or the Regional Studies Centres Federation.

The Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, Jorge Hermosilla, has emphasised the importance of the signed agreements and the 6 institutional professorship created in 2016, which have in common the territory. ‘The current dimension of the UV territorial projection wouldn’t have been possible without the institutional collaboration’, has stated the vice-principal.  This year 2016 three new agreements have been signed with local organisations; in particular, with the City Council of Manises, Siete Aguas and Benetússer. With the new ones, there are 80 signed agreements in recent years.

The Universitat de València, closely linked to the Valencian historical, social and economic reality and committed to its environment, is at the service of the intellectual and cultural development of the citizens.  One of the aims of the academic institution is to project itself actively in the territory through specific training, research and outreach programmes. In 2010, with the creation of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, the Universitat de València launched a partnership and institutional support strategy with city councils, community of municipalities and Valencian local associations. With this strategy, the UV had the intention of establishing activities that transferred to the society the knowledge acquired in faculties, departments and research institutions.  In the recent year, the territorial projection of the Universitat de València has been caused to appear in 69 Valencian towns.  In this way, the University has been present almost in all regions of the Valencian Community.

Annual activity report 2006  clicando aquí.

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