The UV, first university to analyse air quality in real time in all its facilities

  • Head Office
  • March 26th, 2021
The UV installs intelligent CO2 concentration systems in all its facilities.
The UV installs intelligent CO2 concentration systems in all its facilities.

The systems installed will allow real-time monitoring of air quality in all the university facilities. These systems, together with the rest of air cleaning and purification devices, increase the safety of the entire university community from coronavirus.

The University of Valencia has finished installing and setting up CO2 concentration measurement and monitoring systems in all its centres.

The systems installed are based on the placement of over a thousand sensors that send information on air quality to data servers, which belong to the Data Processing Centre (CPD) of the University of Valencia. The NDIR sensors are infrared-based and allow more accuracy than the rest of technological alternatives on the market, which were also assessed.

Due to the diversity of the hundred or so buildings that make up the three campuses of the University of Valencia (Blasco Ibañez Campus, Tarongers Campus and Burjassot Campus), plus the Ontinyet Campus in la Vall d'Albaida, the university has worked on different lines of action for the implementation of these systems. In particular, new measurement modules and sensors have been introduced in educational institutions already equipped with intelligent building control systems. Furthermore, complete wireless and minimally invasive infrastructures have been installed in older buildings (including the historic La Nau building from the 15th century) to monitor CO2 concentration levels in every room.

With this system, the University of Valencia can check in real time the CO2 concentration levels in the classrooms and areas of its teaching, research, cultural or administration centres. Moreover, CO2 concentration tendencies can be analysed, alarms set and ventilation protocols implemented based on objective data. This data allows, among other actions, the correct installation and use of air purifiers that the University is setting up on a discretionary basis in the facilities. These purifiers are 99.0% effective in eliminating virus, bacteria, particles and dust, and are completely effective in closed spaces.

With this measure, the University of Valencia increases the safety against coronavirus of over 50 0000 students and 5000 employees that make up the university community, improving air quality in every centre.

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