The UV recognises the work of its internship supervisors

  • December 20th, 2016
Universitat Reconeix tasca dels seus tutors de practiques

The UV has celebrated on Monday a recognition event for the work of more than a hundred internship supervisors that participated in the second edition of the course organised by ADEIT with the aim of improving the quality of the external internship tutoring.

The Evaluation and Accreditation System for External Internships Supervisors of the UV offers blended learning to company and academic supervisors with the aim of offering tools to both collectives with a view to improving the mentoring of students.

The delivery of diplomas event of the second edition of this course has also been attended by the Vice-principal for Undergraduate Studies and Language Policy of the UV, Isabel Vázquez, the Vice-Principal for Training Policies and Educational Quality, Ramón López, as well as the managing director of the Valencian Agency for Evaluation and Prospective (AVAP).

All of them have agreed on highlighting the importance of the external internship in order to improve the training of university students, as well as pointing its value out as a link to the world of employment and recruiting candidates for companies.