The UV subscribes the declaration of the Valencian Parliament which demands a national fair investment system and the implementation of the Mediterranean Corridor

  • April 26th, 2017
Imatge del Palau de Les Corts

The Governing Council of the Universitat de València has passed today Wednesday its adhesion to the Valencia Parliament’s declaration which demands a national fair investment system and the implementation of the Mediterranean Corridor. The agreement has been passed unanimously and the Principal, Esteban Morcillo, has highlighted that the UV has always supported the claims for a fair funding of the Valencian institutions on previous occasions.

The declaration of the regional Parliament affirms: ‘to express the need that the general budget for the tax year 2017 meets the Resolution 22/IX which has been passed unanimously by the Valencia Parliament. This resolution stablishes that the national investment for infrastructures should be, at least, comparable to the population proportion of the Valencian Community and it should compensation the investment deficiency in the last years’.

In addition to this, it demands that within these investments and immediately, it should come to an end ‘the provisional works for the implementation of the standard gauge which allows the freight transport between the Valencian Community and the French border as well as the high-speed transport of passengers. It should be initiated simultaneously the final works planned for the Mediterranean Corridor’.

Annual accounts 2016

On the other hand, the Governing Council has passed the annual accounts of the tax year 2016 which include the bill of discharge of the budget, the balance sheet, the account of the financial and patrimonial result and the report. The General Manager of the Universitat de València, Joan Oltra, has presented the accounts.

In the tax year 2016, the UV has not found it necessary to go into debt in order to cover treasury deficits. This usually happened until the signing of the agreement with the Valencian Government on 30 December 2014. A great amount of resources which was previously assigned to interests of credit policies has been saved. Furthermore, according to the data provided by Joan Oltra, the financial expenditures related to the receipt of subsidies of the Valencian Government through the confirming formula, have also been reduced significantly.

In the income budget, the statutory rights of 2016 ascends to 379.894.988 euros. This amount represents a level of implementation of the 99,8%, in relation to the definitive budget of 380.447.050 euros.

On 31 December 2016, an amount of 61.006.960 euros from the regular subsidy of the Valencian Government as well as the entire subsidy of the special payment of December 2012, was still to be collected.

Institutional condolences

In his report, the Principal has conveyed his institutional condolences on the recent death of the member of the Governing Council -appointed by the Board of Trustees- Francisco Puchol-Quixal. The vice-principal Rafael Crespo attended the funeral, which took place the 12 April in Vinaròs, on behalf of the management team

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