Volumen VI
Shakespeare y el Mediterráneo

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A Note on the Contributors

This issue of En Torno a Shakespeare for the first time since this collection first saw the light in 1980, will not only appear on-line but also in magazine format, which we call CONTRASTES. What does Contrastes stand for? Debate, discussion and points of view, as plural as singular are the contributors. Like any good Shakespearean analysis we will try to present both sides of the issue, both issues of all sites. Since the range of topics included in this collection of articles extend from looking for undated quartos in the most textual and scholarly Sherlock Holmes style, to the last years of Shakespeare's life in Stratford, till all of a sudden, as it happens so frequently in cyberspace and internet determined editorial practices, we hear and see and almost touch Julie Taymor's Titus and Tamora looking at Aaron, looking at us. Giorgio Melchiori shares his profound knowledge about opera, Verdi and Falstaff in the mediterranean, that he seems to reinvent only for our benefit, only to make us feel more at home. Hardy Cook continues managing his most efficient and useful listserv on Shakespeare on the internet thanks to the quality of the 'regulars' with thousands of 'irregular' on-lookers. Tom Clayton, wizzard - editor, using the smallest amount of words you can concentrate and distill a whole web of wide worlds of witchcraft to make Macbeth drown in. Werner Habicht's traps of illusion in which we will discover The Roman Actor who under normal circumstances is seen more like the Unknown Soldier than a Roman. Present only in future absence, but absent in presence makes Andrea Höfele reconsider what made Shakespeare into a Cultural Megastar, whatever that is today, tomorrow or the day after.
Tesuo Kishi, some time ago, already described and told us how to really understand The Spanish Tragedy. Yumiko Yamada, as at home with Cervantes as in Spain, gives Jonson his burlesque dimension back, the German romantics had deprieved him of.

The monographic nature of this new on-line En Torno is due to the fact that the VIIth World Shakespeare Congress is going to take place in Valencia in April 2001 and its overall theme is "Shakespeare and the Mediterranean". So while participating at the 29th International Shakespeare Conference the concentration of Shakespeare scholarship per square meter was so high we thought we could initiate our CONTRASTES, our scholarly debates, ahead of time, use the magazine as a pre-text to let more people know about the existence of the Congress. But instead of one issue, we think we will count on contributions enough to not just start a debate but to continue and expand it in time. This new Shakespearean resource wants to grow, develop and stay around for a long time.

VOLUME VI, under the general topic of Shakespeare and the Mediterranean, contains 15 essays with as diverse
approaches to the topic as their authors:

This new and virtual En Torno a Shakespeare wants to be a different platform ,that builts on past achievements and successes, on old doubts and certainties,  because our vision of the future has not changed in many years, neither do we see too much future around yet.
This new series counts on the support and contributions of many of those scholars that already are contributing or will contribute in a near future to the expansion of a scholarly debate in Spanish and we are more than open to new directions or adventures.

My personal thanks to all of you.

Dr. Vicente Forés
Executive Director FSE
& 7th WSC

Index to the articles


Julie Taymor
Director's Notes on 'Titus'
Notas de la Directora del 'Titus'
Tom Clayton
Macbeth's 'Yet I will try the last'
Macbeth "...lucharé hasta el final."
Giorgio Melchiori
Mediterranean Falstaff
Falstaff Mediterráneo
Werner Habicht
Traps of Illusion in Massinger’s 'The Roman Actor'
Trampas ilusorias en 'The Roman Actor' de Massinger
John Sanderson
La puesta en escena de Venecia y Messina en una universidad mediterránea
M.A.Conejero Dionís-Bayer
Caravaggio, Tiziano y Shakespeare
Vicente Forés
Pulp Shakespeare.uk
Pulp Shakespeare.es
Eric  Rasmusen
Dateless bargains:The undated 'Quartos' of Shakespeare’s 'Hamlet' and 'Romeo and Juliet'
Ofertas sin fecha: Los 'Quartos' no fechados de 'Hamlet' y 'Romeo and Juliet' de Shakespeare
Candido Pérez Gállego
Rituales de Shakespeare: Los últimos años de Shakespeare
Ben Jonson and Cervantes
Ben Jonson y Cervantes
Tetsuo Kishi
The  Structure and Meaning of 'The Spanish Tragedy'
Estructura y Significado de 'The Spanish Tragedy'
Hardy M. Cook
The Politics of an Academic Discussion Group
La Política de un Grupo de Discusión Académica
Andreas Höfele
Millenial Shakespeare, Profile of a Star
Shakespeare Milenario, el perfil de una estrella
Jill L. Levenson
Changing Images of 'Romeo and Juliet', Renaissance to Modern
Imágenes cambiantes de 'Romeo y Julieta', del Renacimiento hasta la Modernidad
Lena Cowen Orlin
Acts of Naming and Spanish Subtexts in 'Othello'
Actos de identificación y los subtextos en español en 'Otelo'

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