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AgrotecUV itinerary

At AgrotecUV we have an itinerary that consists of several phases depending on the stage of maturity of the business projects. The selected projects will have access to the services and infrastructures of the incubator, will have preferential conditions in the scientific and technological services of the Universitat de València and will be able to access the support programmes of AgrotecUV.


Projects with a lower degree of maturity that need to work on the validation of the business model. AgrotecUV will provide the necessary tools to develop and validate them.


Business projects with a validated business model that need to work on product-market fit and confirm them with the first sales. From AgrotecUV we will push the business project to become an agri-food startup.


Startups that have achieved their first sales and need to gain traction in the market. AgrotecUV will help the company to grow and scale.