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Innovation challenges

At AgrotecUV we offer agri-food companies the know-how of researchers of the Universitat de València to provide solutions adapted to their problems and innovation needs.

Our areas of innovation focus on 7 key aspects for the transformation of the agri-food system:



Development of novel food and food ingredients

  • Design, formulation and evaluation of novel food products
  • Food ingredients and bioactive food compounds
  • Novel co-products through waste valorisation
  • Alternative food sources: microalgae and insects
  • Plant-based food: food for vegans and vegetarians

Nutrition and health

  • Nutrigenomics, personalised nutrition and microbiome
  • Nutraceuticals: prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics
  • Functional food development
  • Clinical trials to assess the functionality of foods

Quality and food safety

  • Foodomics: characterisation of food quality and safety, authentication and origin
  • Analytical control of food samples

Pest control

  • Development and synthesis of new biomolecules
  • Development of new agrochemical formulations
  • Biological pest control
  • Analysis and determination of active ingredient content in agrochemical formulations
  • Intelligent systems for detection and control of agricultural pests

Primary production

  • Vegetable crop improvement
  • Post-harvest
  • Vine cultivation and oenology
  • Aquaculture: diets and pathogens
  • Sustainable and efficient use of ecosystem sources (water, soil and energy)

Industry 4.0: digitalisation, traceability, packaging and logistics

  • Application of big data and smart data analysis in the agri-food sector
  • Integrated systems for food quality control
  • Blockchain for agri-food traceability
  • Intelligent food storage and distribution systems
  • Remote sensing and monitoring of agricultural surfaces
  • Innovative and sustainable packaging
  • Design and development of new food packaging materials

Business Intelligence

  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial plan
  • Internationalisation plan
  • Legal advice
  • Advice on consortium and strategic alliance management
  • Advice on licensing
  • Pricing: determination of price according to perceived value
  • Market segmentation: identification of target and niche markets
  • Branding and product design
  • Equality plan
  • Advice on alignment with SDGs
  • Advice on sustainability plan

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