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1st Edition of the Dialogues on Social Responsibility at the Universitat de València

  • February 8th, 2023
Sustainable Universities: Inspiration for Transform-Action

Sustainable Universities: Inspiration for Transform-Action.


The 1st Edition of the Dialogues on Social Responsibility at the Universitat de València will take place on 23 March and is entitled: Sustainable Universities: Inspiration for Transform-Action.

This first edition of the dialogues will address the essential role of university institutions as important agents of change for the transformation of society and to move towards more sustainable development models. Considering the vital role of university social responsibility in the development of teaching-learning processes, research and innovation and transfer systems to encourage critical reflection and the development of innovative approaches and sustainable solutions. Ultimately contributing to the development of more sustainable ways of living on the planet. We do not have time; it is time for action.

This dialogue is open to the entire university community and the general public. It will be broadcast via streaming through the UV Dissemination channels and requires prior registration for attendance.

The dialogue will address inspirational keys to transform.action towards sustainable universities that include complex and global aspects ranging from institutional changes and good practices to achieve progress in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and in the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Strategy, to the necessary professional commitment of our university community and our graduates. Ultimately, sustainable universities are the product of individual and collective initiatives, with positive impacts on the environment and the community that require a change of consciousness for the personal action of the entire university community.

The event will be attended, first of all, by Manuel Pérez Mateos. President of the Sustainability Committee of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and Principal of the University of Burgos. In second place, Javier Benayas d,el Álamo, Professor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, member of theInteruniversity Institute for Advanced Research on the Evaluation of Science and the University (INAECU). Director of the research group Environmental Education and Participation, and member del Advisory Council of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development. In third place, Ana María Pedraz, Director of MSc International Business Management, Professor of Business Ethics and Sustainability at Kingston University and winner of the Seed Funding Competition for Developing Innovative Pedagogic Approaches and Teaching Practices in Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) of the UN in 2020.  And finally, Isabel Rimanoczy, coordinator of the PRME Working Group on Sustainability Mindset, the academic division of the United Nations Global Compact and author of The Sustainability Mindset Principles: A Guide for Educators to Shape a Better World. Manager of the Sustainability Mindset Indicator.

After the conferences, the awards of the contest ‘Sustainability in a Twitter Thread: ‘FilSostenibilitatUV’ of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Life and the Awards for the Best Undergraduate Degree Final Projects (TFG) and Master's Degree Final Projects (TFM) and Doctoral Theses of the Chair for Cooperation and Sustainable Development will be presented.

Check the programme of the Dialogues on Social Responsibility on the website of UVSustainability

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