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Mission, vision and values

The Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) co-finances a Chair for Cooperation and Sustainable Development with each of the five Valencian public universities. In this sense, each university will carry out activities related to one of the five central axes of the Sustainable Development Objectives. The University of Valencia will develop the central axis: people

The Generalitat, through the Regional Ministry of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, and the Universitat de València are collaborating to carry out a variety of activities to train future professionals in areas of unquestionable interest to the citizens of the Valencian Community within the scope of the Sustainable Development Objectives of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

The Chair of Cooperation and Sustainable Development is committed to taking the lead in the search for practical and viable solutions to the challenges of achieving sustainable development, working from our local sphere but with global aspirations. We do this from where we know, through research and education, gathering all the information needed to make decisions together with people capable of taking action.

Eliminating poverty. Eliminating hunger. Promoting a healthy planet and way of life. Implementing quality education. Achieving equality for all people These are just some of the most important challenges we face to achieve a sustainable world. They are our challenges. It's going to take a lot of effort on many levels, but we'll work to achieve it - and we won't leave anyone behind.


  • Responsibility.

  • Solidarity.

  • Sustainability.

  • Commitment.

  • Originality / Innovation.