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The Chair for Cooperation and Sustainable Development of the UV takes part in the meeting of the “Hope & Act” project

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  • November 2nd, 2022
Members Hope & Act

The European partners of the “Hope & Act” project have met in Valencia to keep working together to provide students with the necessary tools to change the world.

The team of the Chair for Cooperation and Sustainable Development of the Universitat de València —as a partner of the Eramus+ Hope&Act project: Towards a Pedagogy of Hope, Resilience and Action—, attended this working meeting, which was held last October at the facilities of the Vocational Training Centre CIPFP Misericòrdia, in Valencia.  

During this second face-to-face session, the representatives of the project member countries worked together in the review and evaluation of all the materials resulting from the development of the different social projects in the education centres of the member countries. Throughout the week, the “Social Policy Training” was carried out by the Turkish partners, PI Youth Association, and the various focus groups of each team took place.

The team of the Universitat de València was involved in the evaluation and coordination phase of the development of teaching materials.  These teaching resources have the common goal of serving as a guide and inspiration for the development of future social projects in education centres. 

This meeting aimed to further develop the “Hope & Act” project, a programme that aims to foster critical thinking among students and familiarise them with concepts such as resilience and hope, and to encourage them to become global citizens and active members of the community. To this end, the “Hope & Act” project focuses on teaching materials and teacher training, with the aim of providing teachers with the necessary tools to help their students understand the importance of the SDGs and encourage the use of active global citizenship pedagogies.