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The INNOVA Monitoring Centre is:

  • a Monitoring Centre for good training practices for employment.
  • an experience bank, where good practices are presented, after being duly selected and evaluated by an expert committee of the INNOVA LABORA - UV Chair, along with all the necessary information to make a closer and more operative contact possible.
  • a platform for benchmarking, an open consultation space designed for research staff, entities and technical and/or managment staff responsible for training for employment who wish to exchange and apply in their field the experiences that have been successfully developed by other institutions.
  • an award, which will distinguish a Good Practice in each one of the 3 areas it includes:
    • Q1. Good practices in the contents of training for employment.
    • Q2. Good practices in the processes of training for employment.
    • Q3. Good practices in the management of training for employment.
  • an instrument to contribute to the management of knowledge in the field of training for employment.