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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your question is not reflected in "FAQs", write us an email at We will answer you as soon as possible.

Who can belong to the Alumni UV Collective?


All former students of the Universitat de València may be included as well as any senior citizen who wishes to link to the entity, for one reason or another.

What do I need to do to sign up?


Registration can be made either from the website of the collective, or by visiting personally the offices of the General Foundation, at Amadeu de Saboya, 4, 5th floor.

What documents do I need to present?


You must present:

  • An inscription form signed by the future Alumni UV.
  • A photo (the correct size must be between 600 × 600 pixels, at most, and at least 212 × 264 pixels)
  • The proof of payment of the first fee (check the additional documentation if you are entitled to a reduced fee)
  • A copy of the ID

Is it mandatory to present a photograph?


Yes. All UV Alumni cards carry an identifying photography.

What is the fee to be paid to belong to the collective?


The fee is 42.00 euros and is on an annual basis from the month of payment. This month will determine its renewal. Thus a fee paid in May 2019 will be renewed in May 2020.

Check if you can access the reduced fee or the free fee.

Can I access the €21 fee for Recent Graduates without having enjoyed the free fee?

No, to access the 21 euros fee you must have enjoyed a first year of the free fee. For example, counting that we are in 2017, an old student who finished a degree in 2015 will NOT be able to access € 21 if he did not enjoy the free fee in 2016.

How do I pay the fee?


The fee is paid by making a bank deposit at the Irbecaja account number, ES36 2085 9354 3303 3022 2875 and sending the proof of payment to or making a payment in cash or with a card in the offices of the collective at Amadeu de Saboya, 4

Can I pick up the card at the offices of the General Foundation?


Yes. From September 2016 the Alumni card can be picked up at at the Offices of Banco Santander at the university. You must go in person with your ID before the last Friday of the current month once the application has been made from the Alumni Office. Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also authorize someone else to pick it up for you.

On the last Friday of the month the data will be blocked and sent to the bank. In this case you will have to wait for the UV to send it by ordinary mail.

University Offices of Banco Santander

If you want to wait for the UV to send it to your home, you will receive it about 10 days after the last Friday of the month.

Does the AlumniUV card have a VISA card service?



When does the card expire?


The plastic of the UV Alumni card expires 6 years after its emission and the date is on the front of the card. But if the fee is not renewed annually, the card will be canceled and the UV Alumni will be unsuscribed.

Do I need to bring the card to access the discounts offered by the collaborating companies?


Yes. The card is the element that accredits the UV Alumni as a member of the group and most companies will demand it to apply the discount.

However, there is a group of companies that assigned some codes to make reservations via the web. In these cases, the role of the card is secondary.

Can I keep the email account of the Universitat de València with the Alumni UV card?


The email account of the Universitat de València does not disappear and can always be used. If the user has forgot it, he/she should contact the Alumni office (Tel. 96 353 10 70). 

If the new Alumni UV already had an email account within the domain of the Universitat ( / it will be activated again in 24 hours, when the new card is activated as a member of the collective, retaining the same password as previously.

If the new Alumni UV does not have an email account, one will be activated with the termination

Can I request a provisional certification to be used at the Universitat de València until I receive the card?


Yes. This certification replaces the Alumni UV card and the user must keep it until they send their membership card to their address.  Once you have the card in your hands, you can break the certification.

The certification is issued to the collective of the group or sent by email to the person interested.

Can I have two active cards at the Universitat de València?


No. At the Universitat de València you can only have one active card. If you think that you can have an active card, you will have to cancel it beforehand in the corresponding service.

  • If you have a Student Card you will need to speak with the Secretary of the Faculty where you where enrolled.
  • If you have a Postgraduate Card, you will need to speak with the Third Cycle Service.
  • If you have a PAS (administrative and service staff) Card you will need to speak with Human Resources (PAS).
  • If you have a PDI (teaching and research staff) Card you will need to speak with Human Resources (PDI).

If after 10 working days from the last Friday of the month I have not received my card, what should I do?

First, you must check that you have sent all the necessary documentation: a signed registration form, a colour photo and a payment proof.

The AlumniUV Office will send you an email with the instructions for collecting your card. If the 10 working days have passed since the last Friday of the month, call the office (96 353 10 70).

We recommend that as a first option you pick up your card in person at the Banco Santander university offices.