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Exhibition lines

Visions of the collection.

The collection is presented through a selection of its works, a selection from a specific perspective with the possibility of including a supplementary borrowing.

These visions or perspectives should be those of a person, (not necessarily a specialist in art), which will add value and interest to that personal glance.

Therefore, these exhibitions would depart from the election by the Board of Trustees of this commissioner who would give his particular vision of the collection, who could be an artist, a historian, a writer, a philosopher, etc.

For obvious reasons, these types of samples need to be distanced in time.


Contexts of the collection.

These showings contextualize the collection as a whole, some of his works or, ultimately, showings that have a temporal, aesthetic or ideological relation with the dominant artistic options in it.

It is all about exhibitions that reconstruct the contours of the collection from a historical or thematic perspective.


Events with the collection / exhibitions of invited artists

Personal samples of artists represented in the collection or that could have been there.